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A few questions for our Iceland trip May 2024

-- We are planning to do the Ring Road drive. We will be seeing the fjords on the east side of the island as part of that drive. Should we also try to go the West-Fjords? We could probably only allow a day for that. So maybe not worth it for this trip.

-- We will take one day/night detour to Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Any suggestions on where to stay there?

-- Is it good to stay in Siglufjordur for a side-trip there? Or best to return to Akureyri for the night?

-- Is AllTrails a good source for hiking information?

-- Does anyone know if the drive times on the RS Iceland map also need to add 20%, as I have read for the Google drive times?

-- Any good restaurant/food/coffee shop suggestions are welcome.

I'm sure I'll have more questions as we continue planning.
Many thanks.

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How many days is your trip? May is a tad early for the Westfjords and one day is nowhere near enough to see anything. We had 10 days there on one of our trips, to give you an idea, but you would need a minimum of 3 just to scratch the surface.

Snaefellsness has so much to offer, so realize that with just one day you will need to prioritize what you want to see. We like Stikkisholmur for lodging, but there are other options too, depending on where on the peninsula you want to sleep and how it fits with your itinerary.

Yes, the Trollaskagi Peninsula is very much worth it if you have time for it. We stayed in Olafsfjordur which is not far from Siglufjordur.

I never use alltrails as I find it incorrect way too many times.

I never paid attention to the RS time estimates, so can't help with that. Google drive times are pretty accurate, IME. Although in May you may still encounter some rough weather and would want to pad any drive times just in case.

There are way too many good restaurants etc to list off hand. Give specific town names, and I can help.

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We will have 11 days for our Ring Road drive.

2 nights on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula (in Stikkisholmur at your suggestion)
2 nights in Siglufjordur
2 mights in Myvatn
1 night in Egilsstadir
1 night in Hofn
3 nights in Vik
1 night in Reykjavik prior to departure

I would love to hear any suggestions you have for the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, or any of the other destinations. My husband and I are late 50's, in good shape and enjoy hiking and kayaking. Any restaurant ideas for the same are also appreciated.

You seem to really love Iceland. I hope that will be our experience as well. I grew up just outside of Glacier NP so I'm expecting to be taken in by the beauty of Iceland as well. Thanks for sharing your love of the country with all of us.

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Thank you, that information really helps us to help you.

If you are flying in from the US, you do not want to drive very far the day of arrival. So I would not go as far as Stikkisholmur that first night. Go to Borgarnes or just up past that. Then the second night Stikkisholmur. As for what to do along this stretch, here are things we have enjoyed. Hvammsvik Hot springs, Raudfeldsgja Gorge, Vatnshellir Cave, the hike (easy) between Arnastapi and Hellnar and back, Budir (black church), Ytri Tunga which is the seal beach, drive up road 570 to see the glacier, Gurduberg basalt cliffs (and the church just down the road from it), Kurkjufell, Hellissandur for the street art, and then kayaking with Vesture Adventures our of Grundarfjordur. We did the fishing trip, which I was not sure if us ladies would like it or not, but our entire group loved it! He does other kayak trips as well.

I would only do one night in Myvatn. Hike to the top of the crater Hverfjall. On the way, hit GeoSea. Or Forest Lagoon, but I have not been to this one yet, so can't speak from first hand experience. Dettifoss, the east side, is stunning! A rough road, but so worth it and far fewer people than the west side.

I would not stay in Vik for 3 nights. Two at most. Then add in the Westmann Islands for a night. Then add another night in the Golden Circle, somewhere around Laugarvatn/Reykholt.

Instead of Egilsstadir, I would opt for Seydisfjordur. A good hike near Egilsstadir is Hengifoss.

For restaurants, in Stikkisholmur we like Skipper, on the Arnastapi hike there is a nice little cafe at the end of the trail in Hellnar before you turn around to head back, in Myvatn the Vogafjos Farm Resort is excellent for dinner and to stay, At Westmann Islands, Slippurinn is excellent for dinner and we liked Gott for lunch, At the base of Hengifoss is an ice cream truck, in the Golden Circle Mika is not to be missed as well as Fridheimer the tomato place, my husband cannot come to Iceland without having the lamb soup at Gulfoss, lol, Ingolfsskali Viking Restaurant just outside of Selfoss is an absolute must, and then Messinn in both Selfoss as well as Reykjavik is outstanding. Also in Reykjavik, I highly recommend doing the food tour. Other places in Reykjavik that we like are the Seabaron, Forrettabarinn, Sjavargrillid for. the best fish soup and lobster tacos, and the Hlemmur Mathöll food hall where I especially like Skal! there. I know this is a lot, and is just a sampling of the places we have enjoyed, but it should get you started.

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We absolutely LOVED Siglufjordur and wishes we had stayed overnight. We were just there for a hours to wander and eat lunch. The fish and chips takeaway place was the best we had in Iceland. And I second staying in Seydisfjordur- super cute town with nice food options.

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You will be going to Iceland next month and don't have any lodging booked? Where you stay may be dictated by what you can find. Lodging options are limited outside of the larger towns, and you might not have much choice.

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Thanks so much for all the helpful information. This is great for planning and for when we are there! I appreciate all the tips and suggestions. This is a last minute trip for us, but so far we've been able to find lodging everywhere we've looked.