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7 Days in Iceland Part 1

Thank you all for your help with my past questions.
Here are some more,
We will have an 8 hours’ time difference, so I expect to be jet lagged.

Here is what I came up with for Day 1

  • Arrive Keflavik Airport 8:30 AM
  • Bridge America Europe
  • Valahnúkamöl
  • The blue lagoon (Love the price jump (Grrr) during arrival times

Where should we stay on that first night?

We are thinking of doing the South Coast the next day or does it make more sense to go into Reykjavík then the Golden Circle and then the South coast

We will be going the Beginning of October 2022 and I am noticing some of the South Coast hotels/Cottages are not showing available during the dates (and beyond). Is that normal or are they already booked?

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We drove the Ring Road with Nordic Visitor in May 2017. We stayed at Hotel From in Reykjavik the first night and Centerhotel Midgardur the last. Both were excellent.

Your Day 1 is pretty packed, particularly if you are jet-lagged. The airport is not in Reykjavik and it will take you some time to get to your hotel.

Our route took us to the Golden Circle first and then along the South Coast.

The South Coast hotels/Cottages may not be showing availability because of the arrival of winter weather. Iceland has a short tourist season outside Rekyavik.

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As an aside, Netflix has two Icelandic TV series that you may enjoy in preparation of your trip. There are two seasons of "Trapped' (A third is in production.) We are currently watching "Katla." In both the islands geographical characteristics have a starring role.