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7 Day Itinerary Iceland - Feedback


We are a family of 4 (kids 10 and 12) going to Iceland in August. Can you please provide comments on this itinerary and if we should change our order or cities? Unfortunately lodging is hard to come by now. Also, is Selfoss a decent home base for the South Coast? We have a car.

Day 1- Land, blue lagoon, drive to Selfoss Airbnb
Day 2 - Selfoss Airbnb, do a super jeep tour
Day 3 - Selfoss Airbnb, explore South Coast highlights
Day 3 - Westman Island, spend night
Day 4 - Reykvik, spend day stopping along the way and at Reykvik
Day 5 - Reykvik, Golden Circle
Day 6 - Reykvik, Snaefellsnes drive
Day 7 - drive to airport

Anything we should change? A


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Most people book Iceland lodging about 9-12 months in advance so you are really late to the game. You don't say if you have lodging secured or not. All that said, your plan could use some improvements. On day 2, where is your tour to? For day 3, that is not a. good plan. Selfoss up to Jokulsarlong is close to a 5 hour drive each way, without stops. So find something around Vik or Skaftafell as those would make the most sense. It also makes no sense on day 4 to go to Reykjavik and then backtrack the next day back to the Golden Circle. Do know that Snaefellsness has a lot to offer, so while a day trip is good, you will not have time to see everything. If you can stay a night up there, that is best, but there is very limited lodging there. So all of this said, you may have trouble finding places to stay since you are looking so late, but look at or even google maps and then put a town name in and click on hotels, and everything in that area will pop up.

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Yes, we have places booked at all the locations mentioned above but can cancel and change them if the itinerary does not work. On day 2, we have a trip to Porsmork booked. And I know we are late to the game but can't say no to Iceland when the opportunity presents itself.

We weren't planning on going past Vik, so if that is the case is Selfoss a good base for the nights? Any comments on spending anight in Westman Island?