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4 nights stay in June - suggestions!

I just started reading through RS book, so the itinerary is based on whatever I have read so far. I wanted to book my flight tickets early before prices go up.
I am planning on a trip to Iceland for 4 nights in last week of June. I am planning to rent a car. Flight arrives at 6.15 AM.

Day 1 - go to Blue Lagoon from airport and drive up to South Coast;
stay in South Coast

Day 2 - see South Coast and stay night in south

Day 3 - go to golden circle and stay night in Reykjavik

4 - see the city

Day 5 - early morning flight to Zurich

  • Is the itinerary doable? Anything I need to add/subtract
  • Any accommodation recommendation in Reykjavik and South Coast
  • any vegetarian options for dining?

Thank You

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Is it possible to do Golden Tour directly from South Coast or is it lot of driving? I was not sure about Day #3 - whether it will be lot of driving.

Any suggestions?

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I think the Itinerary is doable, depending on how many things you intend on doing on the south coast. I'm guessing you'd like to at least go far enough east to get to Jokullsarlon. It looks as though you have two nights planned out there, so as long as you're making your way back west on day 2, I think you're okay.

You aren't very specific about what you want to see in Reykjavik; I'd recommend either on night 3 or morning day 4 spending a couple of hours at one of the local swimming pools close to your hotel. I have stayed at the Icelandair hotels and the Centerhotels, and both worked well for me. I think it's more important to find where you'd like to be in the city, and then go from there. I'm not a vegetarian, and haven't eaten in any vegetarian restaurants in Reykjavik, but a quick Google search saw several that are 5 star rated, so I think that you'll find one easily. While you're out on the Golden Circle, I'd you stop at the Friđheimar greenhouse for lunch, you would be sure to find a wonderful vegetarian meal.