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3 Day Iceland Itinerary . What do you think

We will be in Iceland and below are our plans for the 3 days we are there we arrive at 7:00 AM will pick up rental car at Fara:

Day 2 Arrival
Will Head to the Blue Lagoon for 10:00 AM. (plan to spend 3 or so hours and enjoying our time there)
Then head to Reykjavik. Will see the church and walk and see the sights.
(can anyone recommend an area to park)
Then we will depart and head to our rental which is about 20 minutes past Selfloss.

(plan to grocery shop on way to home)

Day 2
Eat breakfast at rental
Laugarvatn Fontana for lunch and bread
End with Kerid Crater
Back to rental (Vadnesvegur)
(Is there anything else that anyone can suggest that we should see and that we could fit in)

Day 3 (we have two options please let me know thoughts
Hour rental to Skaftafell
Vki iMyrdal Church
Black Sand Beach

The other option would be to Vik as the farthest point.

Thank you for your input

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I'm confused by your timeline. You do not say when you are going, so the amount of daylight may be in your favor or not.

In terms of nights, is this what you mean?

Day/Night 1 -- arrive Keflavik. Blue Lagoon. (Note: time at the Blue Lagoon will be very relaxing. There's a good cafe. After an overnight flight, you may be totally wasted. Just sayin', but walking around may help wake you up.) Reykjavik. Spend night in rental.

Day/Night 2 -- breakfast at rental. Driving around to see sights. Spend night in rental.

Day/Night 3 -- breakfast at rental? More driving around to see sights. Spend night in rental?

Day 4 -- What happens here? Where do you go?

Having driven only minimally in Iceland (the home of my husband's great grandparents) I can't say anything about your itinerary except that it seems very busy and full, even though the sights are fairly close to each other. We saw only 1 freeway in Iceland. The rest of the roads were 2-way, so the driving may be slow.

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So Sorry. We will be there April 11, 12, 13 departing on the 14th at 7:30 AM. I have checked on Daylight and I believe sunsets around 8:30 PM. We arrive first thing on the 11th. Will def. do the BL. Depending on how tired we are we will decide if we go right to our rental or if we stop in Rekjavik. That will be a game time decision. We all travel quite a bit. Should be able to sleep some on the flight.

What is the name of the place where you are staying? Is it a house? We plan to go in August and sounds like you have already done quite bit of research. Thank you, Tina

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Personally, I’d spend your first night in Reykjavik - arrival, Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik then start out fresh on day two with Golden Circle heading south after...

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google maps undershoots drive times in iceland by an average of about 20%. it says the drive time from your rental place--Vadnesvegur--to skaftafell national park is 3:28. that means you will have a minimum of 7 hours return drive. add 20% and you're pushing 8.5 hours. toss in a meal break and we're at 9.5. doesn't sound like my idea of an enjoyable day out.

then you want to add in the hike at skaftafell to svartifoss--that's a good hour RT with time to enjoy the walk. 10.5 running tally. we won't even get into the rest of the park which is lovely and you are skipping. moving on.

Dyrholaey and Reynisfjara are worth some time. maybe an hour or more, depending again on what you do. passing glance? 30 minutes. walk to the top of D and enjoy a stroll down the beach? 1.5 or 2. running tally--11-12 hours.

unless you are spoiled for time, the plane wreck isn't worth a visit--Solheimassander. don't bother. if you do it, you'll need 90 minutes RT. it's a long walk thru a complete no-man's land.

the waterfalls are lovely. walk up for a photo and leave? 15 minutes. enjoy them and hang out a bit? an hour. tally--12/13 hours.

what do you enjoy? nature? hiking? do you want to go for some walks or just see the sight and get back in the car?

personally, with 3 days i'd skip reykjavik entirely. the church is okay, esp if the organist is going. the two best things in town are harpa, the concert hall, and the national museum. the rest of it is forgettable. worth a visit if you have time, but you do not.