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1hr 45 min Layover in Amsterdam - Iceland to India - is the time sufficient ?

I am planning to book a ticket which has a layover of 1hr 45min in Amsterdam.
Icelandair from KEF to AMS and then KLM airlines from AMS to DEL. But both are in single ticket

My query is :

Is it possible to take the connecting flight in AMS with in 1hr , 45 min ?
as it is single ticket will the airline responsible if they delay or any misses ( other than my miss ) ?

Posted by julesmenssen
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I've done connecting in Amsterdam twice, In my option that is enough time. I also believe that if you miss the connecting because of the airline, the airline is responsible for getting you another flight, but I would double check.

Posted by hi.hegde OP
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Thank you for the suggestion.

Should I check with Iceland Air or KLM airline in this scenario?

here iceland air is from KEF to AMS and KLM airlines from AMS to DEL

Posted by joe
Edmonds, WA
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Which airline are you buying the ticket from?

Posted by hi.hegde OP
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It is Iceland airlines from KEF to AMS and from AMS to DEL it is KLM Royal Dutch airlines.
But booking I am doing through Make my Trip website and this journey comes under single ticket . ( Under one PNR)

Posted by Nigel
Northamptonshire, England
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When you buy tickets from a third party - if anything goes wrong you have to deal with them, not the actual airline.

It is unlikely that the airline will be interested.