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trip to Iceland

We're scheduled to travel to Iceland June 5th with two of our teenage grandchildren. We are currently looking at lodging and car rental and would love some feedback on where to stay and if parking is available in Reykjavik? We'll be there from the 5th to the 16th. Any suggestions of must see sites would be helpful. Thinking of whale watching, visiting the Puffins and driving the Golden Circle. And of course doing a walking tour around Reykjavik. Thought?

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It was in April a few years ago, and we stayed at the Icelandair Marina hotel, right at the old harbor. I understand it got an upgrade remodeling since then, and maybe the price got raised in the process. Now it’s just “The Marina Hotel.” Looks like there is other lodging in the Old Harbor area, too.

The Elding Whale Watching company and boats (highly recommended!) are a 2 minute walk from the hotel, maybe less. There was a dirt parking lot for our rental car a short walk from our hotel - maybe it’s still there.

April was too early to get to the Westman Islands and puffins. Would you drive the Golden Circle, including a stop at the Efstidalur dairy farm for ice cream and to see the cows and ponies, then continue on to the Westmans for a stay of a night or two (or more?), for puffins?

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That is a good amount of time to do the ring road. Is that your plan? I definitely would only stay in Reykjavik on the night of arrival. Spend the day doing a Citywalk "free" walking tour which lasts about 2 hours and is really good! Tip what you want at the end. Wander the streets to check out the murals and street art (get off the main drag and venture further for some of the best art), get cinnamon rolls at Braud, visit inside and out of Harpa, walk to the Sun Voyager, go to the top of the church and check out the views, either get a hot dog or do a food tour (hot dog is included in that), and visit a local pool. Those are all things we have done on arrival days and really enjoyed them.

What do you have planned for this trip? You are late for lodging and car rental, so get that done asap.

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We are meeting this morning to fine tune where everyone wants to go. My thoughts are that we will do the walking tour of Reykjavik, the Golden Circle staying a night on the Circle route, Wesman Islands to see the Puffins (not sure about staying there), and whale watching. Just not sure where else to stay. Trying to get all the lodging settled today.

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FYI you have posted in the Review section of the Forum. Might get more answers if you posted in the Iceland Forum.

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The Golden Circle is....fine....(we really enjoyed the tomato farm restaurant and Thingviller National Park, but the rest was anticlimactic after seeing the rest of Iceland) but I would strongly advise expanding your itinerary. You have more than enough time to potentially drive the ring road; at the very least, I would consider a drive up to the Snaefellsness Peninsula and/ or the South Coast. Both are much more impressive than the Golden Circle. We had two nights in Reykjavik, one full day, which was about right.