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Reviews of our lodging along the Ring Road August 2021

We just returned form an 11 day Ring Road trip to Iceland. I thought I would share our thoughts on our lodgings throughout the trip. We had 5 adults traveling, so our lodgings were a mix of hotel rooms and cottages.

Reykjavik--Fron Hotel. Great location, free parking in the back. We had two rooms booked and had asked for early check in as we had a very early arrival. We knew this was probably not possible, but it didn't hurt to ask. The front desk was very nice and said our rooms were not ready yet, but to go have their breakfast and come back. When we returned, they said they had upgraded one of our rooms to the penthouse! So we had that and a regular room, which was really nice. The beds were comfy, the bathrooms were in great working order (showers drained as they should etc), no fan in the bathroom but the window did open,and the penthouse was spacious with a comfy couch etc.

Stykkisholmur--Akkeri Guesthouse. We had two rooms here and absolutely loved it! We arrived in the evening and called the host and they came right over and gave us the keys and asked what time we would like breakfast. Our rooms were comfy and the bathroom(no window, but a fan) was small but well kept. They had a hanging clothes rack which was nice and then a small desk area in the room. In the main area downstairs, there was a communal refrigerator so you could store any items needing to be refrigerated, or as many people did, keep your beer cool;) The evening we were there, people were hanging out drinking wine and chatting with other guests. Very nice and not awkward, lol. Breakfast was beautifully presented with lots of healthy options and good coffee. The host was great about wearing her mask, which we appreciated. She also gave us some great ideas for our drive the next day. Free parking right at the guesthouse.

Ólafsfjörður on the Trollagaski Peninsula--Brimnes Brungalows. We had a 3 bedroom cottage here that was a mixed bag. Upon arrival, we went to the office door and there was no-one to be found. We called the number, no answer. I called the number on our booking and finally got through. She asked if we had the info she sent to us the day before, but we did not receive anything, so she verbally gave us the door code. At the cabin, the hot tub on the deck was drained and dirty. Apparently you have to fill it yourself and there are directions, but that seemed odd to us. The stairway upstairs was really tight so our young adult kids who were sleeping up there just left all of their luggage in the family room as that was easier. The kitchen was spacious and well equipped, and sitting area comfy and spacious. The main bedroom downstairs was really tight, but comfy and had a window that opened. The bathroom was spacious, the shower well kept, there was a fan as well as a window that opened. Parking was adjacent to the cabin.

Myvatn--Vogafjos Farm Resort. We loved this place!!! We had two rooms that were in a row of attached cabins. Hard to explain, but very nice. Spacious rooms, very comfy beds, nice seating area on the patio in front of each room, plenty of space for luggage, two chairs for sitting, and a nice coffee making area. Bathroom was well kept and while not large, was not too small. Free parking right next to the rows of cottages. We also had breakfast and dinner at their restaurant and they were both excellent! The hotel was very good at distancing and mask usage. There are no refrigerators in the rooms, but again at the front desk you can have them store your cold items. There is also a small gift shop near the front desk which has a large variety of salts.

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Seyðisfjörður--Langahlid Cottages. Loved this place! It is just on the outside of town up the fjord. Parking is right at the cottage and we used the key code to get in. We were in cottage #1 and it had 3 bedrooms. They were a bit tight in space, but very comfy and had racks for clothing and windows that opened. I keep mentioning this as it is a great way to cool a room down. The kitchen was nice, but they needed a few extra dish towels, knives that actually cut, and some baking dishes. Otherwise it was great! We used the grill on the deck and the hot tub. It was very foggy when we were there, but when it lifted a bit the views were wonderful. The sitting area was very comfy with plenty of seating for us. The bathroom was spacious and had a window that opened.

Hvolsvöllur--Grund Cabin. This was our favorite place of the entire trip! It is off by itself, but so comfy!!! It has two spacious bedrooms plus a loft. Very comfy beds. Two bathrooms, both with windows, and in one of them there was a washer and dryer with a large ring rack as well. The entry area is a great place to store boots/jackets and has a planter area with some large plants that was nice. The living area and kitchen were huge and sooo comfy! The kitchen was very well equipped and there was a large dining table. We all commented that we would buy this place in a heart beat and move there, lol. We have already said we want to stay here again, for more than just one night.

Laugarvatn--Farmhotel Efstidalur. Our least favorite place of the entire trip. Upon arrival at the reception desk there was nobody to be found. I rang the bell, waited, rang it again, waited, and still nobody. I went to the ice cream shop and asked the girl there and she said she would call someone. I waited again, and nobody. I went up to the bar and asked there only to be reprimanded and that someone would be with me shortly. Again, nobody came. I went back to the ice cream girl and she called someone and they told her to just give us the keys and we would deal with them later. This girl was very nice and explained where our room was etc. We had the family room, which was quite spacious, and the beds were comfy, but that was the extent of the pros. There were very few outlets in the room. The coffee making counter did not have an outlet, so we had to plus the coffee pot into an outlet on the floor in the bathroom. The shower did not drain and it was like a swimming pool. In the morning when we tried to make coffee, we noticed there was only one little coffee pack, so for one person. I tried to go to the reception desk at 7:30 to get more, but they were not open yet so had to wait until 8. At that point my husband was worried and came to look for me. So the two of us just had breakfast there, for $20 each. Definitely not worth the price, so we texted the kids and said to not come and just eat in the room or we would stop somewhere later. At that point we just wanted to leave.

Laugarvatn--Yes, another night in this town, but at Haholt Cosy House. I had realized we had an extra night on the trip so added a night to this area. We loved this house! The owner lives next door in case we needed anything. We used a key code to get in. Everything was perfect here! Two bedrooms, very spacious and comfy, two bathrooms, one very spacious. Both with fans, although the small one downstairs did not have a window. The kitchen was exceptionally well stocked and the sitting area was large and comfy. The dining table was quite large as well. We cooked our dinners at the houses like this where we could, so we truly appreciated when things were adequate to actually cook. We used the grill on the deck. We would love to stay here again!

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Oops, I forgot one, in Hofn we stayed at Midsker Cottage. The host met us as we drove up. There are only two cabins, so parking is right next to the cabin. It had a very nice covered deck with a grill and two small chairs/table which were perfect for coffee in the morning. It had two bedrooms that were very comfy. The bathroom was well kept and had a fan and a window. The seating area was the extra bed for the 5th person, plus a couple other chairs and tables. The kitchen was very tight, but we made it work. There is no oven here, but they did have an air fryer. The cabin was doable for 5 adults, but would be better for say 3. We still enjoyed it though! Apparently in the middle of the night there was no electricity, and we received a note from the host saying they did not get word ahead of time and she was very apologetic. The way she handled it was excellent, which says a lot, IMO.

Our last night was in Grindavik at the Northern Light Inn. Loved this place! Our daughter stayed there a couple years ago, so she said we had to go;) This trip was supposed to happen last year and so the NLI was prepaid from then. They were gracious enough to let us just change the dates to this year. It is a 2 minute drive to the Blue Lagoon (you can see it from there). Upon checkin, they explained everything to us and confirmed our float pods, dinner reservation and Blue Lagoon reservation. Our rooms were very spacious and comfy. The bathrooms did not have a window, but were well kept.Plenty of room for luggage and comfy seating with a small table. There is a lounge area of the hotel with an honesty bar, and that was quite relaxing. We had appointments for the float pods down in the spa area and those were amazing!!! After those we got ready for dinner there at the hotel restaurant, Max's. Excellent restaurant! We ate there for breakfast as well and that too was wonderful. The only downside was one group of about 6 that had no volume control and did not wear masks, even while getting breakfast at the buffet. We saw the group in the lounge area as well, and same behavior.

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Tammy--Go! This was our second trip and we have a third booked for this winter. It is an amazing country:) BTW, we head your direction this week, but up to the bush. Looking forward to it again ,but am still tired from this trip, lol.