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2018 Spring & Easter Market at Vörösmarty Square
Elizabeth 6
Cell phones from USA don't work in Hungary?
Elizabeth 12
sights to see between frankfurt and budapest
elizafarmer 3
Daytrip or Overnight from Budapest to Vienna
Elle 15
First Day in Budapest
Elle 7
Terror Museum
Elle 9
One bedroom apartment in Budapest
Ellen 15
3-Day Itinerary Suggestions
ellisfam 7
Szechenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest
elvy 13
please comment
email2mark123 2
Need help with opera webpage
Emily 14
after opera cafe/restaurant
Emily 2
good eats near Október 6, utca and the cathedral
Emily 3
U.S. State Dept Bulletin/Sept 16
Emily 4
New Non-Stop US to Budapest
Eric 6
Dentist in Budapest
Erich 12
Erich 4
Air transit
Erich 4
Budapest Illegal Taxi Warning
ericlybeck 9
3 days in Vienna, 3 days in Budapest, and 3 days in ...?
erikaludie 6
Specific flight question from Budapest to London
erin.carter1 15
One way flight from Budapest to Stockholm
erin.carter1 27
Hotel estimated VAT - can I trust their estimations?
erin.carter1 6
Prague - Budapest - Vienna by rail
Eugene 11
Covid Test
Eve 5
Reentry Covid Test
Eve 8
Aquincum Museum and Pál-völgyi-barlang/Szépvölgyi Cave
Eve 1
Best Rooftop Restaurant/Bar in Budapest
Eve 5
Which Budapest train station is "best" coming from Munich?
Faith 14
Mapblast difficulties; Is there an alternate European map system?
Faith 23
ATM use in Budapest
fmkraus 7
Rehearsals in Budapest Opera House
forbin99 8
Suggested driving route from Budapest to Berlin , duration 9 days
friscoanni 3
Budapest to Poprad
frister4 2
fschackman 3
Train station changed, after a ticket is purchased
fung_jaau 3
Credit cards only and other questions when traveling in Budapest
fung_jaau 6
Transportation from the Deli train station to the Chain Bridge
fung_jaau 6
Renting apt in Pest
gail 10
Budapest > Krakow Trains
gail 4
Orangeways Bus
gail 3
Purchasing a vehicle in Germany
gail.barraco 17
Appropriate clothes for Budapest Opera?
gailerickson 7
River cruise down Danube
gailmcgimpsey 6
European East Pass
garypegwagner 4
travel from Pecs Hungary to Graz Austria.
gcko 2
Hotel in Pest
George 8
Butterfly Home B& B
George 0
Budapest, Vienna, Prague
Geri 4
Transit Passes?
Gerry 10