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Gifts for Hungarian relatives
BarbaraJ 5
Giving Back when you Travel
James E. 1
Gluten Free Options in Budapest
Juliette... 6
Going to Baja from Budapest
kaballard 2
Going to Budapest because we love classical music and history
lingkohsu 4
Going to Budapest this summer? Something to consider
Joseph 4
Good accommodations in western Hungary
BarbaraJ 34
Good Background Reading and Movies
James E. 4
good eats near Október 6, utca and the cathedral
Emily 3
Grand Budapest hotel
Nancy 3
Great Personal Guide in Budapest
bgreen830 3
Great place to stay in Budapest
l.levey 0
Guided tour: public transportation or van?
weatherdome 5
Guide for Romania and Bulgaria
Linda 2
Guide for walking tours while in Budapest
nancy 10
Guide in Budapest for walking difficult tourist
panaegeli 3
Guide or not for Budapest
Shelley 3
Gypsy, Klezmer or Hungarian folk music in Budapest?
Diane 5
Half Day Tours in Budapest?
loridv 7
Half day trip to the countryside outside Budapest
Joel 7
Hand-painted fine china
Jane 2
Happy 5 year Budapest anniversary to me!
christa 13
Has anyone been to Budapest in the summer?
Nicole 8
Has anyone been to Pápa?
KäferPaul 11
Has anyone been to Pecs, Hungary?
terrlynnala 8
Has anyone taken a night train between Budapest and Bucharest?
Becky 1
Have anyone had experience with Flixbus transportation from Vienna to Budapest?
tati.sulistio 8
Have you taken Polski bus or Flixbus??
Chani 0
Heating pad in Budapest?
corrine 17
hello from Pest
Chani 44
Help me choose: Which dinner cruise and which hotel?!
Arie 12
help me decide on a hotel (safety/location question)
sporkynoodles 33
Help me plan a week in Hungary, please
Chani 14
Help with train transportation from Budapest to Vienna
dpalmier53 12
Help with visiting/staying at the Tokaj wine region from Budapest
JanaS 6
Here do
bpeters922 1
Herend Factory Tour
Jane 1
Hiring a driver on
Lois 7
Hits and Misses -- Budapest guide
marlenez 1
Holiday Season in Budapest
James E. 5
akilmertr 1
Hotel and Airport Transportation
dmholz 3
Hotel estimated VAT - can I trust their estimations?
erin.carter1 6
Hotel in Budapest
Jane 14
Hotel in Budapest Jewish Quarter help needed
Gretchen 3
Hotel in Gyor 1 night and Budapest 3 nights
B. Szilvasy 8
Hotel in Pest
George 8
Hotel location
wendy 10
Hotel near Budapest airport and metro station
klmkoski22 1
Hotel near the airport with early morning shuttle service?
leaders 9