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We'll be taking a 3 day trip from Budapest to Serbia & Romania and back in June, 2014

My family (5 adults) will be in Budapest and plan to rent a car to visit the home villages of our grandparents in Serbia & Romania. We will travel to Belgrade to visit the village of Omoljica (about 14 miles southeast). Then on the 2nd day, to St Miklo(Sannicolau Mare), Romania and return on the 3rd day to Budapest.
My question is regarding the best choice for a rental car company. I've heard of a Hungarian company, Polip Rental Car, also Eurocar. Has anyone had experience with either of these companies? Or with another company that you would recommend to us?
Also wondering, if anyone has had difficulties at border crossings with rental cars.

Would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations. Thank you.

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Karen, just out of curiosity how much do you have budgeted for the rental car and are you planning on driving back to Budapest to drop it off at the end of the trip?

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The main problem I had with cross-border car rental was consistent communication when multiple US agents worked on parts of the booking. Despite trying to be very clear that I wanted to drive in Greece, Macedonia, and Albania, for instance, I ended up with a car that could not leave Greece. The only alternatives offered by the rental agency cost $1000/week. As you're getting price quotes, tell the agent exactly which countries you plan to visit and ask to have them listed on the rental agreement. If anything on the rental agreement appears to contradict what you've been told, ask again. Confirm that you have the necessary border paperwork when you pick up the car.

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If you have problems it might be easier to take the train from Budapest to just inside the border of Romania and pick u your car there. I did the reverse and left my car that I had picked up in Bucharest and dropped in Timosara (sp) I think I rented with a major company (probably Avix, Hertz or Budget... can't remember, but whatever was cheapest. You will love Romania... it is beautiful.

Hi Karen, I've used Polip Rent a car before - and I'd definitely recommend using them again.
It was hard to find a company that would let me drive to Serbia, but Csaba from Polip was really friendly, flexible and easy to deal with.
Good English too, and also offered to meet us in the city with the car (they're based near the aport in Budapest).

Would definitley recommend using them.