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We leave for Budapest next Saturday..and arrive at Airport on Sunday

Wondered if there are bank ATM in the terminal that anyone could direct me to?

Also I plan to take a taxi to our airbnb and just wanted to verify they take credit cards.

Thanks to all the experience travelers who post answers!

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I have never used the ATMs at the airport, but they are certainly there and easily found. When in town I use OTP, a bank, and always when they are open for business.

Fo Taxi is the airport taxi service, and they have a kiosk in the baggage reclaim area, and also just outside. You go to the window and they ask where you are going and give you a card with your taxi number on it, walk to the curb and it'll be there--I've always had excellent, friendly service from them, no taking advantage of a tourist. I was just there a week ago and my hotel was just off Andrassy ut near the Oktogon, and my fare from and to the airport was just under 8,000 HUF. They take credit cards.

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I found only a Euronet ATM at the airport a year ago. I was worried about fees, but there were none. Just complete the withdrawal in forints, not in dollars.

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There is an ATM to the left of the doors that lead outside from the arrivals lobby. Once you pick up your bag, follow the black line on the floort that says TAXI. It will take you out of the baggage claim, through the arrivals hall and out the doors to the kiosk. Tell the person in the window where you are going. They will give you a receipt with the taxi number and the most you can be charged. Take that recipt to the curb where another individual wiill make sure you get in the right taxi and will help with luggage. This really is first class service. Hand the taxi driver the receipt and he will double check the location and return the recipt to you ............. and off you go. 30 to 40 mintues later you will be at your location. Tourist Pest is less than 8000 forints including tip. Yes the driver will take a credit card..

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Thank you so much for the information. We are finishing our packing by Wednesday so we have a couple of stress free days before we leave on Saturday from Chicago.