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visit budapest on easter?

hey, i know Hungary has national holidays on 15-18 of April.
I planned on going on a trip there on these dates as it fits my schedule and wondered how it will affect my visit there.
I couldn't find more concrete information than this so I'd like to know when on each of those dates will shops, restaurants, general attractions etc. will be closed?


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We were wanting to go there the first of June, but the country's got more than their share of visitors right now. Hopefully we'll be able to return there next year. This year, we're visiting London and probably going on a Med. cruise..

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Here is some information about Easter Activities

David, As far as the "other guests" right now. Yes, they are here, no you would never know it unless you overhear them speaking. For the most part fully assimilated (for the short stay we hope they have). You cant discern them from anyone else on the street and their numbers are not so great vs the sort of slow "off" tourism season to even be aware of anything going on. But some of the more popular AirBnb's on this side of The Pond are housing them at present and will until things are better for them to go home.

I have been here for 3 weeks and leave tomorrow.

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Got this email today. DunaCorso is one of those outdoor cafes on the river front in Pest with the amazing view of the Castle Hill.

The bad English is my Auto-translate

Easter in Dunacorso 🐰 Celebrate with us from April 14-18. We welcome
Easter with a special menu: bear onion cream soup, rosemary Balaton
Uplands lamb ridge, smoked sonkatál... Are we going to list it again?
Budapest most beautiful panorama is just foam on the... 😋

📞 Book a table online or call us at +36-1-318-6362.
You're with us, aren't you?