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Vignette for a rental car in Hungary

We are driving from Vienna into Budapest. Anyone purchased a vignette before for your car as you drive across the border? The rental car company told us to stop at a station that sells vignettes and that the station has to take a picture of our car tag. The toll has supposedly been paid by our rental car this true? Does this make sense? Is there an actual sticker you purchase or is it an online agreement you make and get credit for as a registration? Thanks for your help!

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Sounds like it might be a misunderstanding in translation. A 10-day vignette for a passenger car is 3500 HUF plus a 190 HUF service fee. That is 3690 HUF which is just over $12. There is a sticker that you attach to your windshield. I guess you can clear this up when you pick up the car. But $12 is not a big ticket item.
An Austrian rental car will have an Austrian vignette on the car, and that is definitely included in the rental.