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Vienna to Budapest by boat

My Rick Steves' Budapest guide indicated that there was a Vienna to Budapest 6 hour Danube boat trip Wed, Fri & Sunday operated by Mahart. In looking this up on the internet, it appears the Mahart discontinued this service in 2017. Does anyone know of a one-way, Danube boat trip from Vienna to Budapest? Otherwise, it looks like we will have to take the train.

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Something I found is Check this sight. They pick you up right at the door you are staying at in Vienna and delivery you by car to your next place in Budapest. There are some add-ons if you want to stop at various sights along the way otherwise it can be a straight drive. This looks so convent and your own private car. It’s a little expensive in Canadian dollars, but it might be worth it.

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My cousins used last summer and were very pleased with the door to door service. There were four of them so the price was affordable. Their intent was to stop along the way to visit sights. That said we are choosing to take the train (going opposite direction) from Budapest to Vienna for our future trip.

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Are there any boat operators other than Mahart? I was kind of hoping to take a boat from Szentendre into town on our first day in Budapest, but its a Monday, and Mahart doesn't run boats on Mondays.

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Perhaps Ambassador James E. will chime in? He knows this route well.

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I'm pretty sure that Mahart Passnave is the only operator. Is it such a big problem to reschedule your boat trip to Sunday or Tuesday?

Actually I didn't find the Szentendre - Budapest boat trip too interesting. The most scenic part is Esztergom - Szentendre.

That is what I would recommend for the OP as well as a substitute for the Vienna - Budapest boat trip, since I can confirm there are no scheduled boats on this route.

Take the train from Vienna to Budapest in less than 3 hours and do a daytrip to the Danube Bend to experience the most beautiful part of the Danube between Vienna and Budapest. Take a train to Esztergom and after sightseeing take the afternoon boat back to Budapest.

If you would travel light you could also do this boat trip en route between Vienna and Budapest.

Stage 1 Take a train(or boat if you want to max out the river travel) from Vienna to Bratislava.

Stage 2 Take a train from Bratislava to Sturovo and a taxi(or long walk) from Sturovo to Esztergom.

Stage 3 Take the 4pm boat from Esztergom to Budapest.

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The hydrofoil from Vienna to Budapest no longer runs as best as I know. I met a few who rode it and they werent impressed. The train is quick and easy. If you want to make stop along the way, spend a night in Gyor and see the old town center and the archabbey at Pannonhalma.

OR, you can take the boat from Esztergom. The hydrofoil only takes 1.5 hours but it is reportedly loud and bumppy and hard to see much from. Or the standard boat which takes five hours. Both have evening arrivals.

The boat from Szentendre doesnt go through as much scenery, but there is somethig beautiful about arriving in Budapest on the water. It takes about 45 minutes. You can do it as a day trip. Suburban train to Szentendre and the boat back to Budapest. Its a really nice day trip.