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Uniworld cruise October, rolling dice?


Our 2020 October river cruise was moved to October 2021 (bet you know why!) It is the Danube cruise. We have to pay the full freight on July 3. We start in Budapest, end in Passau. What are you hearing? Do you think the Danube cruises will run? I see Portugal, some French, no Danube. Thoughts? Thanks!

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We are taking the same cruise at the end of August and Uniworld claims it is sailing, but how soon will I really know so I can cancel all my other arrangement if it cancels last minute?

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I'm the mean one who does Corporate Risk Analysis and Corporate Recovery for a living so I can get real blunt. It is simply what can you afford to potentially lose? Covid is still with us. Countries are opening and closing in terms of various restrictions. Countries are trying to open while nudging their populations to get their vaccines by incentive programs such a QRR code needed for restaurants etc and yet we have people who want to travel as if everything is fine and normal. And that is great. BUT no crying! No complaining if you lose every penny. Travel in 2020 is a risk and 99% of travelers will have no issue. As long as you know it and accept it I say go for it.

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Hi Marie,
What did you decide to do?? We are in the same boat, no pun intended, with Avalon Cruises. Cancelled from earlier this year and now scheduled for September 25 departure from Amsterdam to Budapest.
And now... the floods!!!
Will have 3 days in Budapest. :)