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Traveling on an official passport by air and train

I am traveling on an official passport and do not need a Visa for entering certain countries. Now I am in Budapest and going by train to Croatia. So where do I get my passport stamped indicating that I am exiting Budapest.
Can I do it in the train station or do I have to go back to the airport where we were permitted in and the passports were stamped?
The confusion is that we are about to catch the noon train to Zagreb and are not very sure if we can just show or tickets and move out of the country.

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What is the difference between an "Official" passport and the ordinary garden variety one issued by your (whichever) government?

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I have no knowledge about travels in Europe with a passport from India.

Suggest you contact the relevant governments with this type of question

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Any necessary passport checks can normally take place onboard a train. Border agents board trains for that purpose when the border station is reached.

If you've made it, now, do you have anything to report?

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Thank you all.
Laura, you are right. Border personnel did board the train and check our passports. They took ten minutes to check the correctness and then stamped it and gave it back to us.
We did not face any problems at all.

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I lived in Saudi Arabia in the 80s and had an official US passport (red color). Some European countries did not allow admission with that passport. One country was Spain. This was before the EU and may not be a problem.

I suspect that an internet search would provide an answer.