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Traveling from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia

We are considering using EuroBusWays to travel one way from Budapest to Zagreb, mostly for the flexibility and time. Does anyone have experience with this company? Our top issue is reliability. Thank you.

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I have never used EuroBusWays, but I looked at their website. 80€ sounds like a heck of a deal. Why am I suspicious? It’s a 220 mile trip. The cost of owning and operating the van over a trip of that length by US formulas would be a little more than 100€; and that’s with cheaper gas. Of course that’s only one way, they still have to return to Budapest. I see where they advertise door to door on one-day notice, with any start times. So I am not sure how they fill the van to make a profit. This may be a great deal but I can’t make it add up. That doesn’t mean I am right, just means if it were me I would like to do a lot more investigation. It may be just that great a deal. My fear would be that if they didn’t have at least 3 riders they would cancel on you.

If you use then please come back here and let me know how it worked for you. I am always looking for new ways to get around.

Most private transfers will cost you about 300€ for a car for 3 to about 400€ for a MPV for 5 passengers. I have used these guys on 5 hour trips and they were pretty much “okay”: I have also used this company and László MÁRKUS is exceptional:

Sorry, not much more help.

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I Googled the name of the company and got a TripAdvisor hit. You need to do that. There have been some major problems with the company, one of them safety-related. I would absolutely avoid EuroBusWays.

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Thanks for the help, I was skeptical. I found an early train that will work and am also checking the sites shared by James E.

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I took the train the other way, from Zagreb to Budapest and it was a very long trip. There was not a dining car (not sure if that's the norm, or not) so we were very grateful we had full water bottles and enough snacks to tide us over. Needless to say, we were very glad once we arrived in Budapest!

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I just trained from Zagreb to Budapest on Saturday. It took over 6 hours. Lots of stops and a warm/older train. I had hope by booking 1st class I woukd have a solid environment to type/work but not so. That is what it is. It was about 50 euro I believe and I booked the day before.