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Travel from Budapest to split, croatia

Hello! I'm Traveling from Budapest to split next week and I am looking for transportation options. From what I have seen, the shortest and most direct option would be taking a bus or private shuttle. Does anyone have any bus/shuttle recommendations? Or has anyone done the train and found it to be easy to navigate? I am traveling by myself so I am apprehensive about the travel to split. Please help!

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Now in high season there is a night train leaving Budapest at 18:20 arriving to Split at 8:24. I would either take this train or if there is a direct flight I could consider flying (if the price is not too high).

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Since you asked about a private transfer I checked the price at Cheapest car is 700euro or something less than $800. Time is 7 hours. Not terrible if there were 3 of you. But personally I am not keen on 7 hours in car so I would upgrade to a van at I think it said 840 euro or about $900. Again, not bad if there were 4 of you.

In about 4 weeks I will be flying from Podgorica to Budapest on Serbian Air. It was just going to be a quick trip to Dubrovnik, but then I figured, why not see Kotor since its so close. Then I have this real aversion about back tracking so on to Budva and finally the airport in Podgorica. Of course there is no direct flight from Podgorica to Budapest so I am staying over one night in Belgrade. Always wanted to see Belgrade so this is a good excuse. Total airfare is something under $200.

On Monday's there is an Air Serbia flight Budapest to Split Fare is 200 euro. It lays over in Belgrade for 2.5 hours so the total trip is 4.5 hours. If you add some airport and check-in time I would suppose the trip would take you 7 hours total. Arrives Split at 2:35 pm. Reasonable by my reckoning and for my taste beats the heck out of 10 hours in a train. But that's just me.

You might check the Croatian Airlines and Austrian Airlines as well as Ryan and Wizz.

And if you cant find something direct straight through, then use it as an excuse to see another new place.