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Transportation from the Deli train station to the Chain Bridge

Dear fellow travelers,

We will travel from the Deli train station to near the Chain Bridge during day time on a weekday.
And I have some questions.

(1) If we take the public transportation, is the easiest way is

take M2 to Deak Ferenc ter and
transfer to M1 and
get off at Vorosmarty ter?

Or, there is an even easiest way by taking a bus or tram directly from Deli to the Chain Bridge?

Do taxi drivers in the city of Budapest honest?
If we take a taxi from Deli to the Chain Bridge, how much is the approximate fare?
Is there any luggage surcharge?
We have a total of 4 people in our group and a total of 4 pieces of carry-on luggage.

Best regards


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That sounds as good as any way. Another is to get off the M2 at Kossuth ter and go the rest of the way on the No 2 tram. Kossuth ter you will get your first look at the ornate Parliament Building, then ride along the river to the Chain Bridge. Deak Ferenc station is a bit convoluted with 3 subway lines running over and under each other, but easy to navigate.

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Personally, I would take a taxi. Carrying luggage on the metro can be "fun" depending on the time of day. And its a system you dont kown. Then finding the M1 after getting off the M2 isnt too very hard, but again you will be totting luggage up the stairs. Actually, the walk to the chain bridge from Deak Ferenc ter isnt bad. But again, you are dragging luggage. AND, you arent staying on the bridge, so where exactly are you staying; any further up river than the bridge and I would say a taxi for sure. The intersection between the bridge and the Sofitel Hotel isnt real easy to cross either; again, especially with luggage.

Taxis ARE honest in Budapest. At least as far as generalities go. I use them all the time and if I had time right now I could relate 3 really good acts of honesty and kindness and NONE of deceit. BUT, you have to call a taxi. Never flag one down. My favorite company is City Taxi +36 1 211 1111.

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I just used City Taxi this morning at 4 am—such fast & friendly service, I called at 3:50 and by the time I got down to the lobby the taxi was waiting. I had a cheerful driver with good English, but they are always polite either way. I know my Budapest geography & have never dealt with a dishonest driver.

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Dear Sam, James E., and christa:

Thank you very much for your suggestions and your sharing of your experience!

All of them are very insightful and helpful!

Warmest regards,


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I guess I will take advantage of this opportunity to brag on City Taxi.

  1. I get out at the airport and go inside to discover that I left my laptop (containing about $2000 in cash) in the taxi. I quick call to the dispatcher and the cab was turned around and I got my lap top and cash minutes later.
  2. Crossed the Elizabeth bridge and we were rear ended. Driver pulls over and FIRST calls another cab. Within minutes the replacement arrives and we are taken home. I see the meter and pay it. The drive hands me back 700 forints. "Thats the base fare", he says. You paid that when you got in the first cab, not fair to charge it twice.
  3. I decide to walk to Buda to do some shopping before going to the dentist. Time is close to my appointment so i call City Taxi. They ask where I am, but I cannot pronounce the name of the street to save my life. I offer to walk to some place I can pronounce and call back. the dispatcher insists that I stay on the phone and describe the shops around me till he figures out where I am. The taxi comes and I am off to the dentist.
  4. I called for a taxi about 10 minutes before I had to leave for the airport. One of those horribly early flights. The dispatcher says its a busy morning and it will take at least 30 minutes to get me a car. I choke. The dispatcher tells me to relax, he will call me right back. A few minutes later he calls just as a taxi from a different company pulls up. The guy called the competition and got me a taxi.

Are they honest? Yea, I think so.

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James—my phone number is in their system so just being greeted with “jo reggelt kivanock, Chreesta” makes me smile.