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Train Vienna - Budapest

I've read that the trains are back on schedule.

If i'm going Vienna- Budapest, (i'm actually doing Berline - Prague - Vienna - Budapest), Can i confirm that it's against migrat flow and if i buy my tickets online, i shouldn't have any problems, particularly on that V-B leg?

Wife's gonna be 5/6 months pregnant so just taking precautions to make her feel safe, as well as my in-laws. haha

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This thing have greatly stabilized since Hungary got control of its borders but things still are not as certain as they were 60 days ago.

But there is nothing to be afraid of. If I were a gambling man I would say your odds of issues with the train in the next few weeks would be 1 in 10. I've posted the names of some private drivers. When you get to Europe watch the news and worst case is you will have to use one. For 4 people the cost will not be substantially more than the cost of 4 online broker train tickets.

I have been in Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia for 2 weeks now and have not seen one migrant. Of course I have only been on one Hungarian train.