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Train station changed, after a ticket is purchased

Dear travelers,

Did anyone have experience in Budapest train station changed, after a ticket had been purchased?

If you have such an experience, was everything the same, except the train station? And there is no need to get a new ticket to show the correct train station?

The journeys I am planning are from Vienna to Budapest and from Budapest to Munich.

I remember Rick Steves' said in his guide book that there might be a chance there would be a station changed.

Best regards


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More information, please. From whom did you purchase the ticket? Hungarian Rail?

What are the trains? Date and time? Train numbers? What was the station change?

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Thanks for your reply.

I have not bought the tickets yet.

For Vienna to Budapest, I think I will purchase the tickets from oebb.
For Budapest to Munich, it may be MAV.

It will be RailJet on both journeys.

Best regards

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The ticket you buy is the trip you will take. Stations don't change. Track numbers change often, but just watch the board in the station for the right track. You will leave out of Budapest and nearly 7 hours later arrive in Munich.

Personally, I would fly Lufthansa one way, nonstop in 1:15 for $125.