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Train from BudaPest to Munich

I will be in BudaPest on November 11th and have a train ticket from BudaPest to Munich on the 15th.

I am in Munich right now and was told at the DB train station information center that we will be stopped in Salzburg and then will have to get thru border control to get a regional train based on capacity.

If there are any of you that know first hand how this is working as it is very fluid day by day, I would appreciate it.

I will of course go to the train station upon arrival in BudaPest and ask.

Thank You,


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Interesting how the official hype is that the migrants are not causing any problems at all. I have had the opportunity to track some individuals over the last couple of months and by and large there have been "alternates" that got the job done; but not always without lost time, inconvenience and some cost. As you point out no one knows what will be the situation tomorrow much less in two weeks (although I would be very surprised if it changed one way or another). Still, I would fly so I didn't have to worry about it and so I would enjoy the trip a little more.

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This should help you:

The fastest train if it were going through would be 7;15 hours. With issues at the border, who knows. I have a sort of dark opinion because i had to help a couple of guests about a month ago when they tried to get from Austria to Budapest. Then we had another guest that ended up in a refuge camp by accident, a couple showed up 4+ hours late, etc...... The whole Budapest - Vienna issue has been well resolved so that's no longer a problem, but then again it never was a problem until the day that it was a problem and no one could predict that day. In my recent travel through Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Hungary I never saw a migrant. But then i when heading south i drove and when heading north i flew. Plenty of low cost carriers; for instance Montenegro to Serbia was about $70 and Serbia to Hungary about the same.

I checked on the ticket BUD to MUC. The 15th is a problem but if you leave a day earlier (don't Budapest is too good) or if you leave a day later (perfect) a Round Trip ticket can be had for about $150 or a one way ticket for about $270. I am certain someone here can explain that to you. It's a 7:15 hour +++ uncertain train trip or a 1:15 flight. So, 8.5 hours or more door to door by train or 4.0 hours door to door by plane.

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The night train option Budapest to Munich is still open. No indication on DB that it is not running normally. As long as the normal and regular night train routes are not affected, the trip is still on.

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I am in BudaPest and of course, love the city and the very warm weather. I am leaving this Sunday on Rail Jet going to Munich. The border is closed in Salzburg but I believe we get off the Rail Jet train in Salzburg and show our passports, we can get on the regional Meridian train to Munich. There is only a 4 minute transfer time so we may have to wait if I am not quick.

We went to the BudaPest train station to show them our ticket and all they know is their train ends in Salzburg even though our ticket says Munich.

But I have not seen any issues with refugees anywhere in BudaPest or even in Germany.

If anyone has done this same BudaPest trying to get to Munich train, please let me know. Thanks to everyone for your advice.