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Train from Budapest to Bratislava

My wife and I are headed back to Europe at the end of February/beginning of March (yes, a little cold, but airline fare error = cheap flights for us!) and want to visit Bratislava for a few days after being in Budapest. Should I go ahead and buy the train ticket now from Hungarian State Railway site or just purchase ticket at train station in Budapest? Any cost difference between the two? Thanks! Looking forward to getting back.

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There's an easy way to find out. Look at prices online for tomorrow, and then for your travel dates. If they're the same, you can wait until you get to Budapest. If there's a difference, you can decide whether it's big enough to make it worthwhile to buy online tickets.

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We just waited to purchase out ticket at the train station in Budapest last April. The price was reasonable.
Be careful when you hit Bratislava as their cab drivers will take you on a round-about route into the city--even though it's a short and straight shot.

We stayed at a small but exclusive hotel, Danubia Gate Hotel ( for a very fair price. We were surprised to find one of the premier malls in Europe downtown on the river.
We took a 39 mile bus ride into Vienna from Bratislava.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Brataslava had a goodly portion of its old town destroyed when they built the huge bridge crossing the Danube that empties directly into that area. While we were entertained there, you might consider a small train trip to Brno, Czech Republic. Again, a small, although mainly intact old town with few tourists and great local food at local prices. Plus you can visit and stay at the monastery where Gregor Mendel did his famous pea research (and bees).

Just a thought. I usually recommend visiting fewer than more places as the fewer the deeper the memories. But Brno is an unvisited charmer.

wayne iNWI

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I agree with wayner and worldinbetween about Brno. Another plus is that Brno did not make it into Rick Steves book: Prague & the Czech Republic. That means fewer American tourists and Ricknicks. What to see: cathedral of St.Peter and Paul, castle Spilberk, villa Tugendhat (in UNESCO Heritage list), battlefield Austerlitz (Napoleon). Unless you stay longer you won't have time for more.

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I have never been to Bratislava so i cant comment on it. But you might take a look at the less often visited Gyor and the Archabbey / Vineyards / Winery at Pannonhalma.

Archabbey and and

You can find Gyor on the rail line halfway between Budapest and Vienna. I suggest the Klastrom Hotel which is a converted 18th century monastery.