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Tour guide recommendations for Eger and Sopron

I'm looking for private tour guides/translators for my upcoming trip in Hungary. I would like one in the Eger area to help with wine tasting, etc. Also need one in the Sopron area. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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I don't know a Sopron or a Eger based guide. These guys were recommended to me a while back but I didn't end up making the trip so, if you use them or if you use anyone, please come back and let me know how it worked out. I will say, Sopron isn't that large or that complicated and you can probably do pretty well without a guide.

Eger can be a bit more difficult. The only guy I have used is Andrew Illes. But he is Budapest based and runs tours up to Eger Although i just checked his website and he doesnt list Eger any longer. Still, if it were me, I would start by sending Andrew and email and asking if he still did it or if he could recommend someone in Eger or someone in Budapest that runs tours up to Eger. In other words, he is a trusted source.

A couple of years ago when the migrant thing was going on, I had some guests stranded in Vienna, trying to get to Budapest. Andrew was tied up, but he found me a car and driver to use to retrieve them. Life saver.

If your plans are to just stay in Eger and not go out to the vineyards, then, like Sopron, you can do it pretty well on your own.

If you just want a ride there and back, then Laszlo is a trusted source:

Sorry, not much help......

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Thanks, James. We'll let you know what happens.