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Tips for driving in Hungary for American tourists

Please advise regarding ease or difficulty in driving in Hungary for American tourists
Is their GPS reception on iPhones to run Google maps while driving?

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James should actually read the document he posted a link to. Read the document it covers what you need. The driving in Hungary is pretty much the standard drill. However the omitted detail is that you must have an IDP or an accepted translation of your drivers license. Since nobody knows what an acceptable translation is, get the IDP, you may never need to show it but if you need it and don't have one things will get very ugly very fast.

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Best article I could find. Not really accurate in the impact of the experience compared to the US.

The driving in Hungary is pretty much the standard drill.

Compared to where I live there is one glaring difference in law involving intersections. Since there are no stop signs you can be driving down a residential street approaching an intersection, and a car will pull out in front of you from the road on the right. He doesn't have to stop before he does this, and you arent expected to stop either, but he will have the right of way. Usually when there is a traffic accident at an intersection it involves a tourist.

Then the no left turns. How many Americans have had to wait behind a parked car waiting to turn left across one or two lanes... not legal there... dont do it. You gotta find a way to get to the left with right hand turns.

Now this may all be the norm in Europe and Beverly Hills, I have no idea, but it's not the norm where I come from. Oh, then parking, geeeee .... what a pain.

Again, good luck.