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Three/Four Extra Days In Budapest or go to Prague?

I am taking an AMAWaterways River Cruise (solo travel) in July ending in Budapest (first visit). The boat gets there on Friday, we spend the day touring then disembark the next (Sat) morning. My flight back to US isn't until 4pm on the following Tuesday out of Frankfurt. I am looking for advice on how to best use the 3.5 days. Ideas:

1) Return to Frankfurt after cruise, rent a car and drive the Romance Highway south of Frankfurt. I rode my bike on that road many years ago as a teenager - sort of a nostalgia trip.

2) Stay in Budapest until Tuesday morning, fly back to Frankfurt then home.

3) Take an afternoon flight to Prague giving me 3 nights and 2 full days there, fly back to Frankfurt Tuesday morning.

4) ??? Open to suggestions.

Thanks for any and all help!

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I would stay in Budapest, plenty to do and see. Spend one day at the baths.

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I would also stay in Budapest , rather than moving on this one . Look for James' posts , his information and enthusiasm will convince you .

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I think you should be in Frankfurt or very nearby Monday night, rather than counting on nothing going wrong with a separate flight there from Budapest or Prague on the same day you're scheduled to fly home. Stuff happens. You don't want to get stuck buying a one-way ticket home at walk-up rates.

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I would vote for more time in Budapest then get to Frankfurt on Monday to catch your Tuesday flight home.

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Another vote for extra days in Budapest--I've also been to Prague but have now visited Budapest 3 times in as many years with #4 coming up in May. Budapest is pleasantly busy and the perfect place to end a trip, in my opinion.

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Thank-you everyone for such fast and helpful responses! When I posted my question I did not know about the thermal baths - I loved the baths in Baden-Baden. So my decision is made - I am staying in Budapest for the remainder of the trip. Now I am on to the rest of my research and planning :-)