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Things To Do in Budapest in the Rain

Hi, all. We arrive in Budapest this coming Sunday, and so far it looks like we might have rain every day of the 4 days we will be there. Darn. Of course we will carry on and do the best we can with what comes. After all, we just escaped a very nasty hurricane! Does anyone have any good suggestions for things to do in Budapest if the weather is bad? Are the baths an option at all? Thank you!

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Tip--I like a sun visor under the hood of my raincoat. Keeps the rain off my face and the head doesn't flop around so much.

I really enjoyed the tour of Parlament. There is an English Language tour. I also would recommend the markets.

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You can visit to cave church. There’s not just the Cave Church at the foot of Gellért Hill (on Buda side of the Szabadság híd / Liberty Bridge) and the Labyrinth under the Castle District (entrance: Úri utca 9). You can also visit Szemlő-hegyi Cave and Pálvölgyi-Cave.

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Rarely does it rain all day, or for that matter, very hard, so hope for the best.

Parliament Tour
Gellert Bath House
Any one of a dozen museums
Opera House Tour
Great Market Hall
Dohany u. Synagogue tour
Basilica ... climb the steps
Hang out in the NY Palace Coffee Shop
Visit Keleti and Nyugati
West End Mall
Ride trams between showers

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Hi Tracy,
We left Budapest last Saturday and experienced very warm weather. That said, as mentioned up thread the Parliament is an option. We enjoyed the tour.

Our Budapest tour guide recommended Turkish Baths in Budapest, but we didn't go. Perhaps someone will chime in with a suggestion.

Edit** I see Sir James chimed in. ;)

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If you get up to Castle Hill--take the bus from Clark Adam ter metro station--you might enjoy touring the Hospital in the Rock, on the far side and you take an elevator down, it's about an hour and absolutely fascinating. Plenty of other sites up there, especially the National Gallery, perfect for a rainy day. As James says, I have encountered bouts of rain in Budapest but not all day long.

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  • House of Terror (highly recommended)
  • Liszt Ferenc Academy (beautiful interior; English tours offered, though not terribly frequently)

Budapest has some excellent museums, as befits a major capital city. Check your guidebook (or TripAdvisor in a pinch) to see what aligns with your interests. But confirm the status of those you're potentially interested in on the museum websites. As of May 2018 three biggies were closed for either major reconstruction or relocation.

Edited to add: The Liszt Ferenc Academy interior is Art Nouveau. I meant to include that information in my original post.

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Thank you all for the great recommendations! These will come in very handy I think! We have Parliament tour tickets and I definitely want to see the House of Terror. ( And the New York Cafe!) But I hadn't thought about the caves--cool idea. Good to know the Gellert Baths are an option also. I feel so much better now, knowing there are plenty of options. You guys are the best!

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Budapest is great, rain or shine (I've been there in both). You may want to consider a second pair of shoes in case one pair gets soaked . . . or at least shoes with removable insoles so they'll dry out overnight (maybe with a little help from the hairdryer).

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I thought the opera house was closed until 2020 and therefore not open for tours either? I'm going to be there in a few weeks and if there are tours somehow I'd love to know about it.

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If this helps, we weren't able to tour the opera house, but we went inside and were able to peek at the stage and just seeing the beautiful lobby was a treat.

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That's great. I'll be staying very close to the opera house and even a peek would be better than nothing. Thanks!

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Hi fro Wisconsin,

Ride the Tram #6 to its terminus. I don't care which direction the tram is going, just hop on. You will be a making a loop. When it stops at its terminus and everyone gets off, get off yourself and cross the square and get on the tram #61. The #61 is at one of its termini at this square so you don't have to worry which way it is going. Ride it till it reaches it other terminus. Get off, cross this square and get on the #6. It too is at its other terminus so you don't have to worry about going the wrong way. Get off where you got on.

Riding the #2 from one end to the other and back will show you parts of Budapest few tourist see.

I have a map I can email you so you feel better about this route. Ask for it at

Coffee houses. the Opera. The back room of Cafe Muvesz.

Pack a good umbrella.
wayne iNWI