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Teenagers at Széchenyi Baths?

At the end of the month we are traveling to Budapest with our 11, 13, and 16 year olds. I know they would love the baths, but I am worried that it is frowned upon to bring kids? I cannot find much information on this. We have been traveling Europe for over a year, so they are well seasoned. We would be there during the week (our midterm break), so I'm hoping that would be more acceptable. Any advice on this would be appreciated. We would likely be in for a soak for an hour and be on our way.

Thank you in Advance!

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Oh, and since you have a family group, you might want to get a cabana for changing (fancy word for a closet), but then you would miss the cultural experience of cheek to cheek Eastern Europeans in the locker room .....

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Pretty sure there were kids in the whirlpool last time we were there -- and that was in the winter!
We were in the water about 3 hours and had to drag outselves out.

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We were there last April and there were lots of kids. You may need two changing rooms--they are small.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
I am pretty sure my wife and I were in the whirlpool at age 60 something along with kids. I think we were having the most fun. Everyone is welcome. It might take a little bit for your kids to loosen up and get in, but you will no doubt lead. You have to get out occasionally because you are laughing so much.

wayne iNWI

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Remember to take swim caps.

At least we were ordered out of one of the pools because we didn't have them. But in two other pools it was no problem - I don't know what the difference was.

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Caps for the"swimming" pool (lap pool) but not needed for the "fun" pools at either end.

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Kids are absolutely welcome, and all of you will enjoy some time at Szechenyi. You will see patrons of all ages at the baths and no one cares your age, size, etc. You're going to love it.

Heed's James's advice and plan for more than an hour as it really is a fantastic experience that you won't want to miss.
The cabins don't cost too much more and I recommend renting two. So you would purchase 3 regular admissions and two with a cabin. The cabins are small closets that act as a storage locker and changing room. You unlock the cabin with your wrist band and only one band is allowed per cabin, so you'll have to devise a method of sharing that wrist band.

Regarding swim caps, those are required in the lap pool but are not necessary in the main pools where you'll find the whirlpool and water jets.

I had to visit Bp twice before finding time to visit one of the Baths and now I realize I wasted an opportunity on those first two times. It really is that fun, that relaxing, and that Hungarian. Enjoy!