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Taxi from airport - per person or per vehicle?

Trying to decide if we should book an airport transfer from our hotel (EU 59) or take a cab which has been suggested in the forum. Is the $ or EU 22 published for a taxi ride per person or for the vehicle? I read somewhere that it would be per person but it may have changed as seems the taxi services have been improved and standardized.

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Taxi rate is per vehicle therefore the more persons the cheaper the ride per person (of course up to the capacity of the vehicle).

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In the 15 years I have been traveling to Budapest it has always been by the car.

The rate will be 7.000 to 8.000 forints to most hotels in Pest. At today's rates that is $25 to $30 including tip. Hotel transfers are never a good deal. In addition to it costing more, its generally less convenient.

With the hotel transfer you will have to hope he is really going to show. Then you have to hunt for the guy in what can be a fairly crowded arrivals hall. THEN, since he is not the airport contract service, you will have to walk upstairs and then about 300 feet to the parking lot where his car is; or stand on the curb and wait for him to get his car and bring it to you. By the time all this happens those using the taxi service will be on their way to Budapest.

When you arrive in the baggage claim area you will see a black line painted on the floor. Follow it out the door that says nothing to declare (I hope) and into the arrivals hall. There you will see the crowd of people trying to find their hotel transfers, and there you will be approached by all the independent cab drivers trying to score a client. Keep going out the main doors of the arrival hall (another 50 feet or so) and out on the curb on your left you will see the FoTaxi kiosk. Tell the person in the kiosk where you are going. They will give you a slip of paper that states the most you can be charged and a car number. Then walk about 30 feet to the curb where generally you are greeted by a polite young lady that assists with the luggage, makes sure you get in the right car. And off you go.

The taxi drivers have varying degrees of English competency but have always been polite in my experience.

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I've been to Budapest twice now and always take a taxi--James' info is spot-on. I was just there in May and each way was approximately $22 US, about 6000 HUF and I tipped around 500 HUF. I've always had reliable drivers that went directly to and and from, no driving around to pad the fare, and credit cards are accepted.