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Taxi or Bus Shuttle 100E from Airport

Hi We are coming into Budapest (first time to the area) and have prepared with Rick Steves guide. Arriving in the evening are we better off splurging on a $25 taxi for the two of us or saving$17 by using the 100E? We are only bringing carry-on mini luggages with wheels.. Our hotel is only 3 min walk (290 meter) from the last station - according to google maps.
If so where can we find in when we get out of the airport and what tips?
Thanks so much
I am looking forward to sharing our journey and tips!

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After a long day or night of flying I would elect to go with a taxi that will take you to the front door of your hotel. The cost difference of $8 is negligible in the overall scheme of things. Hope you have a great time, I would love to go to Budapest someday!

(If you don't have the Cities to go app on your smart phone get it now, you can download a map of wherever your at and a blinking dot will show you where you are on the map making it so easy to navigate any town your in!!)

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Hello, just a few weeks ago we visited Budapest and took the 100E bus both directions to/from the airport. It was very simple. We bought tickets from the counter which was on the left side when we came out of the secured area. The man there directed us to the bus outside and to the right. There may also be a machine to purchase the ticket - I can’t recall. The bus was VERY crowded both directions - standing room only - even the 6:30 AM bus - so be prepared for that. For our traveling style, the savings was worth the squish :-) Have fun!

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For a first-time visitor and evening arrival I'd say a taxi is best. I'm arriving and leaving Budapest (4th trip) around noon in May, and while I'm curious about the airport bus I can really do without the squishing, and standing room only is not much fun for a good 30 minutes or so.

I do like to buy my transit pass while at the airport, manned desk so you can ask questions if need be--that way I'm all set to explore once I get to the hotel.

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Like always, I am sort of biased. The "Taxi Experience" upon arrival is part of the welcome "home" experience.

But first, the bus:

The 100 bus will cost a couple 1800 forints. Depending on where you are staying you may need to connect to the metro or tram system for another 1060 forints for transfer tickets; so 2860 forint total. That's about $11.50.

According to the BKK website the bus takes 40 to 60 minutes and it leaves every 30 minutes.
So, lets say you show up 5 minutes after the bus left. So you have a 25 minute wait, then a 50 minute ride.

Then if I were going home i would have to walk to the M1 line for that figure maybe 5 minutes if you don't know exactly where you are going. At night the M1 runs every 5 to 10 minutes depending on the time in the evening. Lets say 5 minutes. My stop is the Opera stop which takes 5 minutes. Then i have a 3 minute walk home. So the bus will take you maybe 1 hour 33 minutes. I would figure 1:15 to 1:45.

Now the Taxi

There is a black line on the floor in baggage claim that will take you through the arrivals hall and out to the FoTaxi (airport contract taxi company) kiosk just outside the doors. At the kiosk a polite young person will ask you where you are going (in perfect English). Then the person will give you a receipt with the taxi number and the maximum you can be charged. The receipt also lists the location you are going. If there is any confusion it is handled at the kiosk and not in the taxi. Next you walk about 40 feet to the curb where another polite young person will help you get in the right taxi and help you with your luggage. The whole process takes something less than 5 minutes. You hand the receipt to the driver and you are off. My ride is generally about 35 minutes and stops at my front door. So maybe 40 minutes. The fare with tip runs about 7000 forints or $28.00

So yes, the bus will save you $16.50!!

Just be very careful, if you eat one dinner in District V or the lower ends of VI, VII and VIII or you will instantly loose that $16.50 you saved by loosing half an hour and standing on a crowded bus.

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On our first trip 15 years ago we told the driver to take us the long way. Best decision we ever made. Budapest is beautiful at night and if you don't mind spending the money tell the fine folks in the Kiosk that you want to go to the Citadel lookout (Citadella kilátó) and then to your accommodations. If you are wise and staying in Pest the taxi will have to cross the river twice and you will have amazing views along the way and from thee lookout. Maybe 10000 to 12000 forints. Its a great introduction to the city and helps get your orientated.