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Szecheny Baths in Budapest

Has anyone been to the Szecheny baths lately, fall 2022? Haven't been in a while and wondering about any upgrades to their archaic ticketing procedures. Their latest website seems quite modern and fancy, but my experiences with the ticketing have been much as Rick describes in the guidebook: "like a time-warp back to communist bureaucracy."

Also, any tips on finding your way to the cabins and locker rooms? Do the attendants speak English these days?

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Hi Deb M; i was there a few weeks ago. I got my tickets on Get Your Guide, which included a cabin on a weekday. Got there about 9 AM. I had to go to a particular booth (#3, I think) to present my Ticket info on my phone, and they gave us our wristbands. They diected me where to go. English not great, but sufficient and much better than my Hungarian! The person at the help desk was pretty fluent. They directed us where to go in, how to use the wrist bands, and which cabins to go to. Had a bathing cap, but did not need it, as we didn’t swim in the lap pool, just relaxed in the lovely warm pools outdoors. It was toward the end of a 2-week trip, and we were so ready for this! Hope that helps!

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I will add that my experience earlier this month at Rudas Baths was pretty much the same as Love2Travl. It was easy to get my ticket online direct, showed it on my phone, sufficient English at the desk to direct me, had a cap but didn’t need it since I didn’t use the lap pools. Some sort of flip flops required - I had my Teva hiking sandals which are fine in water and they were perfectly acceptable.

Differences were (it sounds like): free private changing rooms and locker to put your things in; towels can’t be rented so buy or take; and instead of the outside pools, there’s a rooftop pool which was pretty nice. Inside it’s a bit of a maze but completely wanderable.

Also, I usually don’t mind talking to people and a couple of American women were coming out as I was going in, so I asked for tips and directions, just to be sure I got started right.

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I was there in September this year. First time so I can’t compare to prior years. I did not prepay, just went on a weekday. Lady at the booth to purchase my pass barely spoke English. But got the ticket I wanted (with cabin). She understood enough English to respond to my questioning the price, it was exactly 1,000 more forints than the web price stated. She insisted it was the correct price so I let it go. Used my wristband to go through the turnstile and a lady there showed me how to tap the band on a small wall hung machine that gave me my cabin number. She spoke fairly good English. There were clear signs on the wall by the turnstile entrance indicating which way to go for xx cabin numbers.
All in all, easy process.
Enjoy your time there, I had a great afternoon and it was so relaxing. Definitely going again on my next trip.

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I was there precovid so things may have changed. We paid for the upgrade, and were given private lockers and access to the top floor. We were provided with robes, loungers, lovely fruit tea and fruit, all you can eat/drink. They also had a massage section which was extra. It was a lovely day.

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I came on to ask about this very place and saw this question. My question is this: We were planning on going there on Sunday 11/6 but I saw on the website that these pools will be closed due to maintainance:
Due to maintenance and repair work, the thermal octagon pool, the plunge pool, cascade sauna and one of the steam chambers are not available from October 24 until November 7, 2022.
The volcano sauna, one of the octagonal indoor pool and the plunge pool at the sauna II is out of order. Thank you for your understanding.

That seems like most of the place is out of order. Should we consider doing a different bath?

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Don't forget to take your rubber bathing caps. They're required.

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David, it doesn’t seem so unless you are using the lap pool. Like Love2travl, I had one but didn’t need it.

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I was there a few times last month. I find it easiest to just walk in and purchase a ticket. There is no need to pre-purchase.

You should bring a towel and flip flops / beach shoes.

  1. Go to the window and purchase your entrance fee and receive a wrist band. I like to add a cabin so I can store my items and change with some privacy. If you are with a group, you may share the cabin but only one wristband accesses the cabin.
  2. Go through the turnstyle with your wristband.
  3. Usually an attendant will assist you in scanning your band to find your cabin.
  4. Go to your cabin to change, store your items, and lock it with the wrist band.
  5. ENJOY Szechenyi! It is relaxing and refreshing. You may leave your towel on an empty chair.
  6. When you are ready to leave, you will exit by depositing your wristband at the turnstyle. There is usually an attendant there to assist.
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Christy, in 20 years I have only been there twice so I dont try and give advice; yours is perfect.
But I do have a story (of course).
I once went with a young lady from a very conservative small town background.
She went to the ladies locker room and me to the men's.
When I exited she was standing in the corridor still dressed; when she realized she would be butt naked to butt naked with a dozen other women in the crowded little locker room locker corridors she freaked out and ran (i got her a cabana).

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Good story, James! I'm sure she's not the only one to have that experience. Ha!

The cabin is so inexpensive and convenient to store items, I'll never go back to the locker room.

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The bath houses are a lot of fun and i have gone in past years; I just never seem to make it recently but will this next trip (next week)
Until recently the trips were always Budapest and where ever Wizz Air flew.
In the other stops I am active and hit everything I can, but in Budapest I just get lazy and the only thing that gets exercised is my right elbow (lifting the wine glass).

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On our first two trips to Budapest, we didn't visit the thermal spas. Why would we waste time in the water when there is so much to see and do? Water is water, right?


Szechenyi is now our first stop after dropping off our bags as we usually arrive before noon. We'll spend a few hours relaxing and then we'll visit again half-way through our trip. There is something special about the waters and I always feel refreshed and renewed. Sometimes our Hungarian relatives will join us and they say the same thing.

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I was in the Szecheny baths three weeks ago. It was my second visit to Szecheny, as I was also there in 2015. It's my favorite place in Budapest.

The in-person ticketing is simple: Everything is in English, as well as Hungarian. The people at the ticket windows spoke a bit of English.

Some other attendants spoke English. As I surrendered my wristband upon department, the attendant asked me in English where I was from. When I told him, he started to sing Sweet Home Chicago! Also, the person in the restaurant spoke to me in English.

I spent a minimum of three hours at Szecheny for each of my visits. I could have stayed longer, but I had other things I wanted to see. I am glad you will be visiting the baths. Enjoy beautiful Budapest!

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We were there in September. I looked at the website and it seemed very complex - we just turned up and bought tickets- very easy.

You don't need a swim hat unless you want to swim in the lap pool - we were there 3 hours - no time for that! We did buy cheap towels because of Covid they were no longer hiring them and their towels were expensive.

Don't forget to go inside there are a LOT of pools in there ! Its fantastic place