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Sunday in Budapest

Please help! I will be in Budapest Sunday 8 Oct 2017 with a group of family ranging from 18 months to 65 years of age. Our bus leaves for the airport around 14:30 (i.e. 2.30 PM) and I don't have a plan for what to do. Some I will send to the Cave Church which is amazing, but some will not be interested and I had a vague idea of sending them to the Great Market Hall or to go shopping in Andrassy ut - or even just browsing in Vaci ut, if they wanted souvenirs. But now it seems that all will be closed.

Our hotel is Mercure Korona in Kecskeméti ut and the bus will pick us up there.

Any ideas?

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Hungary had, what we called Blue Laws, that required the closing of shops on Sunday. The idea went bust pretty fast. Not sure that the law was repealed but if not, its pretty much ignored. So most anything of interest will be open. The Great Market Hall has traditionally been closed on Sunday (sorry). Good news, the Great Synagogue is open on Sunday. One stop on the 47/49 tram from your hotel. From the Synagogue you can get back on the tram to Deak Ferenc ter and then a short walk to the Basilica. At the Basilica you can find a few of my favorite souvenir shops.

Another way to the shops is:

Kecskeméti u. changes names a number of times as you walk from your hotel towards the Basilica but it makes for a great walk to two of my favorite souvenir shops in town:

The route there: Along the way you stop in Vorsomarty ter. Note, I cant stand Vaci utca, but you can move over a block or two and take Vaci utca most of the way. The last two points are first: and then a point on the pedestrian way in front of the Basilica where you can find two more good shops. One specializes in anything musical that is also Budapest.

Since you just did a 30 minute walk, you might want to take the 2Tram back to the hotel. Walk to the river, left around the park, and in front of the Sofitel Hotel you will see the tram stop. When the tram stops under a bridge, thats were you get off. Up the stairs and either walk to the hotel or get on the 47/49 tram (in front of the Market Hall) and take it one stop to the hotel.

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Things I have done in Budapest on a Sunday include:

Going out to Memento Park to see all the Communist-era statues, easy trip by bus.

Wandering Margit sziget and spending time with the storks and other animals at the little zoo.

Explore Castle Hill area, magnificent views of Pest and there's quite a lot to see besides the Fishermen's Bastion and Mattias Church, and many shops up there are open on Sunday.

The Neprajzi (Ethnography) museum across from Parliament is open Sunday and is a wonderful place full of the history of the Hungarian people, lots of handcrafts and other neat stuff to see, plus there's always a good special exhibit going on.

The Budapest Zoo in City Park is open Sunday, I love it not so much for the animals but the fabulous Art Nouveau architecture, and City Park is fun to explore as well.

My favorite all-purpose gift shop is Memories of Hungary, close to St Stephens. Quality items, many handcrafted, food and liquor, some expensive, some affordable, all unique and all made in Hungary. They are open Sunday and also have one at the airport.

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There is a new place located on one of the streets between the Vorosmarty yet and the Danube Corso. It's one of 3 streets, just can't recall which and don't want to steer you wrong. As you walk towards the corso it's on the left, about 150 feet off the ter. Very large and a lot of high quality and interesting things.

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Thank you to both of you. I will print your comments and take them on the trip.