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Am a 25 year old male from India and am heading out for my first solo trip across Europe. I'll be travelling for 12 days and am going to Prague Vienna Budapest and Berlin. I intend to take day tours of Bratislava and Cesky Krumlov as well. I'll be flying in to Budapest and flying out from Berlin.

All I wanted to know is that what is the cheapest way to travel within these countries. Shall I take a eurail pass or book my tickets separately for each country? Also is it the right choice or shall I cut down on my destinations?

Abhishek Behl

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Hello Abhishek,
I have just completed a similar itinerary. I flew into Budapest on 19 April; went on a 7-day long-boat cruise down the Danube; returned to Budapest, where I hired a car to take me to Bratislava for lunch in the afternoon en route to Vienna, where I stayed for 3 nights. Then I hired another car to take me to Cesky Krumlov, where I stayed over-night at Pension Anna (mentioned in Rick's tour guide). I then took an easy bus ride to Prague, where I stayed 3 nights. I then flew to Paris, where I've been for 12 days. I'm en route to Amsterdam tomorrow for 3 nights. Then home to Florida in USA.

While I cannot help you much with your question about the economy of eurail vs separate tickets (although I'm thinking individual tickets and a bus ticket from Cesky Krumlov to Prague might be cheaper), I can tell you that, if you keep moving, you can probably do it all in 12 days! Depending upon what you want to see and do in each city, a minimum 2 or 3-night stay in each Budapest, Prague, Vienna, and Berlin would be ideal. Bratislava and Cesky Krumlov can each be visited in an afternoon--follow Rick's walking tours, which you can do in 2-3 hours including lunch!

To make the most of your time in each place, again, follow Rick's walking tours and enjoy Big Bus, Hop-on-Hop-off tours in the big cities like Budapest and Vienna. (Be sure to book the City by Night tours as well since these cities are magnificent to see at night!) In Prague, I booked a wonderful walking tour with a company called Tours for Charity (proceeds go to local charities helping needy children). It meets at the Municipal House daily at 10:00 am.

I hope you this helpful. Have a wonderful trip!

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I assume you've already made your flight arrangements?
All of your itinerary cities are great cities worthy of 4 day stays at a minimum. You're really taking on one too many cities for the time allowed. At the very least, skip Cesky Krumlov.
The easiest and most efficient way to travel between these cities are on trains purchasing individual tickets as you travel. Unfortunately, every time you travel you'll be essentially losing a whole travel day.

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have made my flight arrangements but I could still alter my itinerary if anything better could be done with it. I feel I kinda got too ambitious after booking my flights. I could really take some help in any form possible so that I do not get exhausted while am out there.

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I went to all those places except Berlin last summer (Munich instead), though not in the same order. I found that there wasn't a rail pass that would save me money so I bought point-to-point train tickets, and used a shuttle service between Prague and Vienna in order to facilitate a visit to Cesky Krumlov.

Here was my itinerary - I had three weeks instead of two and went to a couple of additional places:

  • Flew into Prague, stayed four nights
  • Took a morning CZ Shuttle to Cesky Krumlov, arriving there around noon. Stayed one night
  • Took a late morning CZ Shuttle to Vienna, stayed four nights.
  • Took a morning train to Budapest, stayed four nights
  • Took a morning train to Salzburg, arrived early afternoon and rented a car. Drove to Lakes area, stayed one night in St. Gilgen.
  • Drove back to Salzburg the next afternoon and turned in the car, stayed three nights
  • Took a noontime train to Munich, stayed four nights
  • Flew home from Munich

I could have used an extra day or two in Budapest and Munich, but on the whole this was a comfortable pace.

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Your cheapest accommodations is staying in hostel in dorm rooms. You'll see that the room mates are also in their 20s....generally. I would drop Cesky Krumlov and Bratislava. Good that you are doing a solo trip. I did my solo trip at 21 and then another one in Europe two years later