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ruin pubs take credit cards?

howdy all! my wife and I will a couple of days in Budapest prior to a cruise and plan on going to some ruin pubs. my question is, do most take credit cards or do we need to carry cash with us for this? thanks in advance,

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I think its a good idea to have maybe 20,000 ft in your pocket in small bills (1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 ft notes (maybe $50). What you dont use, you can use on the taxi to the airport (about 8,000 ft).

But yes, the Ruin Pubs, Taxis and everything else take credit cards. In the last 9 months I have been here for about 6 weeks on and off and I have yet to find a situation where the card was not taken. And yes, I do get off the beaten path a lot.

And you know how it works in Europe. You spend 10 minutes trying to get the waiter's attention. You do the universal sign for I want to pay or you hold up a credit card (if you dont, he will ask cash or card). Then 5 minutes later he brings the credit card machine to the table. You look at the bill and if its 2,700 ft you say, charge 3,000 ft. Then you tap, wait for him to acknowledge it went through .... then leave ..... or hang around another 30 minutes.

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I have gotten more and more appreciative of the European style of bringing the machine to the table. That card stays in your possession in Europe. It does not disappear behind a door like in the US.