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RS BOEE Hungarian Folk Dancing Budapest

Anyone either been on this tour and know if the guide helps you find tickets to a Hungarian Folk Dancing concert or a good place to go find them myself for while we are there? Thanks!

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A1) I could be wrong, but I checked all of sources and websites (the official website and some of the resellers) and it appears the Folk Dancing is a COVID victim. Sort of surprising, which is why I am questioning it myself and I hope I am wrong.
A2) Before you get too depressed, I have had to endure the thing three times over the years (once for me, twice for others) and while he first 20 minutes were pretty amazing, the following 30 minutes not as much (but that's a very personal observation; others are right to love it): but you are on the right track, doing something cultural makes Budapest a much better stop.
A3) You could substitute one of these (with a very little investigation you can find the prime providers and not use Viator, but the prices will be the same):
A4) If its theater season (not late June, July or August) the Opera or the Operett are great ideas (if you do that I have seat suggestions) or year round there are some good Jazz Clubs in town; ask and maybe I can help or a restaurant with a Gypsy band at the very least.
A5) Other ideas here:

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If it's available, just ask the guide. I can't think of a RS guide on any of my tours who wasn't happy to help with this kind of thing.

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I attended both the Hungarian Folk Dancing at Duna Palota and a dinner cruise with folk music and dance. The ensemble at Duna Palota were by far the better performers, though (sadly, as James E mentions) there are no performances listed. The folk show on the dinner cruise boat was still good fun, with the advantage of the view from the Danube of Parliament lit up at night. Depending on where you sit (which was luck of the draw when I went) the view of the performers may be blocked by other diners as the stage is not elevated much, if at all. Wherever you are seated, the music was still enjoyable.