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Request itin help for Bavaria to Budapest to Annaberg-Buchholz and Prague or Bavaria-Prague-BP?

I have the option of flying into Munich to spend up to 5 days in Bavaria, then returning home to the US from either Budapest or Prague, but I'm unsure which city may be better from which to return. If I go straight from somewhere in Bavaria to Budapest then return to Germany to visit family staying near Annaberg Buchholz and spend the final couple of days in Prague, is that a bad route, or would it just be longer, more cumbersome, yet okay? Should I change my route to Germany-Prague-BP instead? The airfare may go up by a bit, but I'm fine if it means not having to back-track too much or spend more time on the trains than I would with a better route.

Annaberg Buchholz is apparently within 70 miles of Prague with access by buses or trains ( haven't researched yet).

What additional itinerary advice, if any, can you give me for the 2 weeks I have to spread this journey out, I still have to work out where in Bavaria I'll make day-trips and where I'll stay at night. Don't always want to be on the go each day. I still have an hour or so to make changes to my ticket this evening so your expertise will be of much use. Thanks so much!

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I bet you haven't gotten much response because its pretty confusing a request. Lets start with when do you arrive in Munich? Then after 5 days in Munich you want to see some of Central Europe, but you want to end the trip in A Buchholz?

Roughly speaking

Munich for however long
Train to Budapest (3 full days as a minimum, 4 or 5 days easy to fill as well)
Train to Gyor (one night to see the town and the archabbey at Pannonhalma)
Train to Vienna / Melk (3 full days as a minimum, two if you skip Melk)
Bean Shuttle to Cesky Krumlov (one night))
Bean Shuttle to Prague (three full days plus whatever time you want in Annaberg Buchholz

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My apologies to the advisory group for the confusing manner in which I described my intent. Yes, starting in Munich and up to 4 days there, followed by Budapest 3-4 days. Then Annaberg B with Prague as my final destination and departure point.

Thank you for the recommendations. Will use these as my guide.

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I am not expert on Germany so I will trust you have done your research and are good with this.

Munich to Budapest is over 7 hours. If I were going to do that by train ……… well I wouldn’t. But if you had to I would do the overnight. Splitting the trip by stopping in Salzburg leaves you with a 5 and a half hour train ride to Budapest. I might just be spoiled, but I wouldn’t do it. Munich to Budapest by plane is about 1.5 hours and there are direct flights as I change plans in Munich from time to time when traveling to Budapest. So let’s say you do that for maybe $300.

Interesting in that if you were to fly to Budapest round trip out of Munich you could then go from Munich to Annaberg Buccholz by way of Nuremburg in about 6.5 hours. I have never seen Nuremburg but it is on my list.

Otherwise the train from Budapest to Prague is about 9 hours and I wouldn’t do it unless it were an overnight train.

Okay now having said all of that: if it were me, I would fly to Munich rent an apartment for a week and use it as a base to go exploring. Even as far as Salzburg.

Then I would fly to Budapest and set up another base to explore from for a week. In addition to Budapest I might go to the High Tatras in Slovakia or Pecs or Eger or Gyor.

Then I would fly on to Prague and once again set up camp, but interrupting it with your business in Annaberg Buccholz; Flying home from Prague.

Each flight will cost you about $300 last time I checked. The option would be to do the overnight trains instead. With all the saved time you could do a day trip to Cesky Krumlov or one of the many wonderful castles in the Czech Republic.

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Doing everything on the list requires backtracking and quite a bit of train travel time. The 7-hour direct train from Munich to Budapest would not bother me, but Budapest is the point that I would cut, if Annaberg Buchholz is more important to the trip.

From Munich to AB takes about 7 hours with 2 train connections and from there to Prague takes 4.25 hours with 2 connections. How to Look Up Train Schedules and Routes Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it.