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Quiet, charming neighborhood to stay in Budapest near park

We would love recommendations of neighborhoods to stay in Budapest that are quiet, charming and have a park or greenery nearby.


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I recommend the part of the VI. district(aka Terézváros) which is roughly between Andrássy út and Városligeti Fasor, this is a very quiet neighbourhood with lots of grand villas from the turn of the century(not the last century of course), some of them housing embassies now, tree lined streets and close to the Városliget(the main park of the city, unfortunetely with some controversial construction projects in the park underway) and easy access to the city centre by the M1("yellow") metro line(Kodály körönd, Bajza utca, Hősök tere stops) which was the 2nd subway line of Europe(after London) opened in 1896.

To be honest there isn't a large choice of accommodation in this neighbourhood, but you may find something.

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That's a great suggestion. But only for those that are looking for isolation. Its beautiful, but there isnt much there other than residential, a few churches and schools. Depending on where you are in that area the M1 is a couple of minutes to something less than a 10 minute walk away. We get around the #2 metro lable by saying its the oldest on the continent of Europe. And as metros go, its sort of fun to ride. This far out the opposite of Andrassy ut is also good in many of the same ways. District 11 is also interesting in the same way, but has a bit more going on. There are some good places in the lower end of District VIII too.

More mainstream would be anywhere along Andrassy ut to maybe a block in on either side; but from say Hunyadi ter all the way to the lower end of Andrassy ut. Yes, it gets a bit commercial inside the loop road, but commercial mostly in a good way. Might also look around Hunyadi ter. Then yoiu get the park and the old market and the place is dripping in character.

Unless someone is making a prolonged stay, there is so much to see in Budapest that I generally say along the lower end of Andrassy ut as its so well connected, well maintained and attractive. Just stay out of District V as that would be the exact opposite of what you describe.