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Purchasing EU SIM in Budapest

Has anyone had experience using the EU roaming SIMs from Telekom or Telenor? I'll be starting my travels in Budapest and traveling through Austria. I'm looking at either:
- EU Net Hetijegy M: 1 GB for 7 days: 3490Ft from Telenor
- Travel&Surf L: 1 GB for 7 days: 5560Ft from Telekom

What are things that I need to know? E.g. service issues in Budapest or Austria? additional cost for SIM? Best places to purchase? (I'm looking at WestEnd mall since it has both shops). Tethering capability? I've read Telekom doesn't allow VoIP except on their domestic data-only product - does the EU product allow ti?

I plan to insert the SIM into my iPad, and if possible, tether our phones to it. I know some people suggest just relying on wifi hotspots, downloading google maps and offline TA, but I nonetheless would also like a SIM for my own peace of mind.

Please do share if you have experience using these products or have suggestions. Thanks!

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"or have suggestions", consider opening an account at TMobile. I've done most of the solutions over the years (even a telekom account) and nothing beats TMobile with their world service. FREE DATA at usable speeds, free texts and 20 cent / minute phone calls. See if you can get into a contract free arrangement (so you can cancel it when you return) and find a cheap phone with tethering for your IPAD.

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I visited both countries last summer and got separate SIM cards in each. In Austria I got a Hofer Telecom SIM card pack at a Hofer grocery store; I think the total cost for 1-2 GB was €10. In Budapest I bought one from Vodafone. I believe I paid 2000-2500 Ft for 2 GB. Those were July 2016 prices.

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@James - I know about T-mobile's international plan, but we're pretty entrenched with AT&T. T-mobile does not offer their free roaming for their prepaid (no contract) plans.

I did just find out that AT&T this year released an International Pass plan for $10/day used which counts against your domestic plan's minutes and data, which is good in a pinch.

I'm surprised that no one seems to have gotten an EU SIM from Hungary!

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Several years ago I purchased a pay as you go phone from Telekom. It came with a certain number of minutes then you top it off at ATM machines. The process to get the thing took about 45 minutes; plus the time to get to the store and back. I had to do it that way because I didn't have an unlocked phone to put just a card in. I used it till the minutes ran out, then I tossed it and signed up for TMobile. Now we rarely use the phone unless we are at out room and there we use the WIFI Calling function on the phone so its free. Because data is free I have my emails pushed to my phone so I can check on the office from time to time. In the evening I use my laptop to work with the WIFI. I'm on vacation for goodness sakes so while I am out on the streets I want to be looking up and not down at a phone.

Here is the one I went to:

There may be locations more convenient to where you are staying.