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Private driver or taxi company from Budapest to Prague

We are two middle aged couples and need a private driver or taxi company to take us from Budapest to Prague. Can anyone suggest a company. We are travelling in September.
Thanks to everyone in advance.

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Don't like trains? Or are you planning to stop off somewhere in the middle? I'd find the train far more pleasant, personally, than being stuck in a van or a limo instead for that many hours.

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I don't know your definition of "middle aged", but I'm 57 and I find train travel comfortable and less stressful. I have also been to Budapest. I took a train from Vienna to Budapest and then Budapest to Prague. I used the Keleti Pu train station. There is even a metro that goes there, look for it down the stairs on the outside of the entrance. You can also take the metro from the Prague train station to the center of the city. I would say in both stations keep track of your belongings and pay attention to people around you. I'm saying this just to keep you on your toes, so to speak. I am actually more leery of taxi drivers, than I am concerned about train travel. I'm not criticizing your thought of using a train, just trying to be helpful. Let me know if you desire additional information. BTW, the train took at least 6 hours between Budapest and Prague. That'd be one heck of a taxi drive.

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I know a gentleman named László MÁRKUS
(quick Hungarian lesson. Hungarians traditionally put their family name first then their given name. In recent years, to be more conforming with the rest of the world, many have reversed the order. Now when you have an unintelligible language like Hungarian and you start swapping name around it can get confusing as all get out. So, there is a trend to capitalize the family name so that no matter if it is first or second you can recognize it for what it is)

László's web page is

Not sure how he feels about going to Prague (long trip), but if he can not do it, maybe he knows someone who will. László is one of those people you meet in your travels that you will be grateful for having met. A gentleman and interesting to talk to. I'm just guessing here, but expect a charge of north of $1000. Figure 5.5 hours of drive time but you can break it up with a few stops (Pannonhalma and Cesky Krumlov for instance)

Its too long a train trip for me, but there are cheap non-stop flights on Czech Air. About $125 and 1.5 hours in the air.

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Its 300+ miles one way. You will have to pay the driver for a round trip.

Are you willing to to pay that kind of money. A biz class air fare may be cheaper

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We've booked with Martin to travel from Cesky Krumlov to Budapest in July. Here's his website: He has been wonderfully responsive by email. We'll make several stops en route to see more of Czech Republic.

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My husband and I are using [email protected] for transportation from hotel in Budapest to hotel in Vienna..You can just pay for the one way trip or stop at some sites along the way for an additional cost. We usually take the rain but w/age and walking issues we are trying this service in Sept. They charge your credit card upon booking

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kwalsh1124: I don't think I would ever hire anyone other than Laszlo; he's been too good to us for too many years. But I'm curious because the company you are using is charging a bit more than half the going rate of most services. Please come back and let me know how it worked out.