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Prague to Budapest Tour

I am considering taking this tour in 2020. The itinerary states that it is a 7 hr. bus trip from Prague to Budapest. If anyone has taken this tour I would like to know if the bus is a fairly modern one and how you felt about the trip. Many stops for sightseeing?

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I just took this tour in May.

Big modern comfy bus. Enough room to spread out. If you wanted a set of two seats to yourself it was easy to find one. No WiFi onboard but it wasn’t an issue for me. Bus stops every 2 hours or so for bathroom breaks and refreshments. Lunch stop was at a nice highway cafeteria style restaurant. Rest stops had clean bathrooms but I think you had to pay some minimal amount.

I had been to Prague before but still learned a lot and enjoyed the time there. Budapest was new to me and it was great. I tacked on a couple of days in Budapest on my own. I really enjoyed the tour.

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The OP appears to be talking about the RS Prague-Budapest Tour - Prague 4N, Budapest 3N.

Carol, think about it this way. You don't have any other bus rides that you'd have on multiple city tours.

RS buses are the most modern available. They are full-size tour buses and with a limit of 28 participants there is always lots of room to stretch out. If you are solo, you'll have a double seat to yourself and be able to move around to chat with other tour members and get to know them better. The bus will make 2 rest stops in places with good facilities, one will be about 15-20 minutes, enough time to stretch your legs and use the toilet, maybe get coffee or a cold drink and a snack. The other will be a lunch break of at least 30 minutes. It's possible that there will be a 3rd stop (15 minutes) as well. That time is included in the 7 hours. My experience on 3 RS tours is that the stated bus times have some leeway for delays/traffic, so often the time is somewhat less. You can nap, catch up on your travel diary, read a book. The bus is likely to have wifi too. The guide will use an hour or two to tell you about Hungary generally and Budapest in particular. Both google maps and estimate the driving time at less than 5.5 hours.