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Places to visit in Budapest for 3 days

Dear Friends

I will be visiting Budapest for 3 days in the month of mid October.

Can you tell me the places which I must see / cover during my stay in Budapest

I intend to buy a Budapest City Card or a Budapest Card. Let me know, which one should I purchase. And will it be useful.

PS: Museums don’t interest me, but I am a big fan of monuments and buildings.

Kind regards

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  1. It's easy to stay busy in Budapest over 3 days. Buy a good guide book. I like Ricks and the Eyewitness Travel Guide. Go to Amazon.

  2. Since you don't like museums, get a 72 Hour Travel Card and not a Budapest Card. You can get them in most of the metro stations.

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I see that you have numerous posts today about numerous cities you wish to visit in October. In June you asked many of the same questions and had many responses. Did you not like the answers you got then? Have you perhaps looked at a few guide books in the interval?

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Thank you James. Yes Norma, that was at a planning stage. Now I have sorted out the places, as well as got my Schengen Visa. Hence taking a bit of guidance from all you experts on the places to visit in Budapest.

Though, unfortunately I haven't got my answer yet :)

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rickmitra, when you have reviewed the guide books and done some internet research I will be glad to help you narrow the field of things to see and do.

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On focusing on monuments and buildings....I can recommend tracking down several esoteric historical and war monuments, some of which I myself made it a point to get to. As an introduction I suggest Heroes Square where you see which ones are familiar to you. I found this place very enlightening, same goes for its counterpart in Vienna, the Heldenplatz, opposite of the Maria Theresien Platz.

There is one statue/monument common to both Budapest and Vienna, ie, that of Prinz Eugen, the Habsburg dynasty's victorious commander who never lost a battle, located on Castle Hill in front of the National Gallery. That building is worth seeing even from the outside since it was the Habsburg Royal Palace. Seeing Prinz Eugen there was a surprise to me historically, only in one way.

On buildings: see also the Operette House and the Parliament building, even if you only have time to see them from the outside, as well as the Mathias church. It was the location where the last Habsburg was crowned King of Hungary. Like in Vienna and Berlin, Budapest has its war monument, the Soviet War Memorial pertaining to WW2. A recent monument that generated controversy when it was put up is the German Invasion Memorial. With the three full days plan it carefully, you'll get to these buildings, view the inside too and still have time to see the monuments.

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I'm a huge museum fan so I visited several In Budapest--not sure if you dislike ALL museum-type experiences or just art-focused ones, so I'll strongly urge you to take a tour of Parliament, very interesting, and also the Terror House, my favourite of all the sites I visited while there. The Opera on Andrassy is also a good tour. There's plenty to see just by being out and about in this wonderful city so I don't doubt you'll be busy.