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Parliament tickets

I have been trying to order Parliament English tour tickets for June but the site does not acknowledge my input date.
Is this too early to order and if so when should I do so. We leave for Italy May 14 so would like to have these tickets in hand
before we leave.
James E if you are out there you will have the answer to this for sure.

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Thanks James will try to be more patient and wait until mid March to try again.

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They have multiple tours. Granted, they run out, but if you stop by the night before or in the morning, I bet you will be able to get tickets.

One tip: Do not take pictures of the soldiers except for the ones doing the ceremony. I was on a tour, and took a picture of the guard. The tour was in French, which I am pretty bad at, so I couldn't figure out what the issue was. The problem was that he was not wearing a hat, and this was not complete uniform. They made me delete my picture. Pretty embarrassing.