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Overnight train from Budapest to Split

Has anyone recently taken the overnight train from Budapest to Split? What are the accommodations like? Do you need to change trains in Zagreb?

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I am not familiar with that train, but according to the Deutsche Bahn website, it has both sleepers and couchette cars, and no transfer is required. The train makes 17 stops between Budapest and Split, though 12 of them occur before midnight. Even when the ride is smooth, it is difficult for me to sleep through the braking and noise that occur with each stop.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. 17 stops does not bode well for a good nights sleep! Does anyone know what the actual sleeping accommodations are like? Are there private bathrooms?

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The Seat61 link above has a description and a photo. While he describes the cars as comfortable and refurbished, it's a very standard night train, with nothing so fancy as a private toilet, nor the extra price tag that would usually come with that.