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Opinion of - Buddha-Bar Hotel Klotild Palace

Myself and my wife (early 40's) are travelling mid April, for a short 2 day trip and thinking of staying in this hotel. My wife likes shopping, and I like local food and drink and wandering around. We are not interested in night life or museums, etc.

How is the hotel?

Is the £36 for two, breakfast worth it? I'm not so much worried about the cost, as the selection and quality of food.

How is the area in general, noise, cleanliness, safety wise?

Thanks so much :o)

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Its not a terrible location. It isn't very convenient to the tram system which is I think the best way for a first time tourist to get around (above ground so you can see the city). The main street to the south Kossuth Lajos is sort of a commercial street with nothing in particular worth strolling. North of the hotel is the heart of the tourist district; again, not my cup of tea as it is expensive and sort of invented for the tourists. No real great sights as such; except maybe the first McDonalds constructed behind the Iron Curtain. But good restaurants and lots of pedestrian friendly streets. Most of the sights that a tourist would walk to in Pest are within a 10 to 20 minute walk. The Parliament can be reached fairly easily by tram and Hero's square by Metro with one change. If you really like the hotel and the price then, hey, you are in Budapest, you will have a great time. But here are my suggestions:

I can't tell you anything about the hotel, just the neighborhood. So I cant comment on the quality of the breakfast, but if it were me, breakfast is just one more good excuse to get out and be in Budapest; so I wouldn't eat in the Hotel. Once you nail down where you are staying we can help you find a few close by places for breakfast (15 to 25 euro on average for two)

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Thank you for the replies. I think all things considered, and since we don't mind being in the touristy bit, the Buddha-Bar Hotel will suit us; but we will get a breakfast in town, not in the hotel. :o) We would prefer to walk everywhere rather than get the tram. Parliament is about 2km away, and this for us, is close. Walking, covering 10-15km in a day would be no problem for us.