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Nut/Peanut Allergies in Budapest

Hello Fellow Travelers:

This coming March we are heading to Europe and spending a few days in Budapest with our son. He has allergies to tree nuts/peanuts/coconuts. I believe that since Hungary is part of the EU, menus should list the allergens similar to other EU places we've been.

But, I wanted to see if there are any foods that you are aware of that contain these ingredients that wouldn't be readily apparent? Maybe something I haven't discovered in my looking around on the Internet.

For instance in Spain, Romesco sauce contains walnuts, pine nuts, and/or hazelnuts. But if you were to look just at the sauce, it appears to just be tomato sauce. (I knew what it was because I had researched before we left for Spain.)

I've researched foods in Budapest/Hungary and am certain that desserts will be tough for him - but he's used to that from our travels to other places. He knows that he can't do crepes in Paris because there is too much Nutella floating around. He knows that tea in London means he can't eat the Battenberg cake. Over the last 10 years of travel with him, he's enjoyed just plain chocolate bars in so many locations. So this allergy situation and travel isn't new to us.

BUT Budapest and Hungary are new to us so I wanted to pick the brains of people who have experience with Budapest/Hungary.

And yes, before you ask, I have heard about Amy May Shead and what happened to her in Budapest. It's very sad...

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I looked at Gundel, one of the most expensive places in town and they had line after each item that said Allergies and then a bunch of numbers. I assume you know what the numbers mean. Then I checked a few really good, but somewhat lower end, places and nothing.

I am not going to begin to give any advice. Stakes are too high.

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This is certainly not medical advice, simply my observations.

Most restaurants in Budapest list allergens, so it will be easy for you to select restaurants that provide this information to you.
Please note that Hungarian cuisine is heavy on walnuts and chestnuts in their desserts.

A friend with severe celiac traveled throughout Italy and at each restaurant, she spoke directly with the chef, making sure to discuss her options. They were welcoming and helpful and she didn't have any issues. By sticking to the restaurants in the tourist areas, you'll most likely find a place that you can do the same to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

You sound like seasoned travelers and are wise to look ahead to your options. Good luck!

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I sort of like Hungary a little bit and tend to be maybe a tiny bit opinionated about it ........... or so I have been told.

But on this subject, if it were me (and I admit I have zero knowledge and zero experience on the topic but have spent quite a bit of time in Budapest over the last 20 years) I would only eat in the very best of corporate restaurants in town. I am just not convinced that there is same sort of awareness of a lot of issues and enforcement and training that you would expect to have in the West; EU rules or no EU rules.