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New Discoveries on Budapest

It's amazing to me how many RS people keep returning to Budapest.

On a first or second trip you are focused on anything "Hungarian" but after you do a few more visits that you are in a city slightly smaller in area than Chicago and slightly smaller in population than Houston; which means it is pretty multi cultural.

So, contributions are appreciated: off the wall or often overlooked Hungarian themes and new or unexpected multicultural themes.

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Ride the 78 bus to Keleti. It goes through neighborhoods of grand architecture, but as I remember it was 20 years ago, ... marginal, unrestored full of local eateries where no one speaks English and iffy pubs. I love it.

The area around Keleti is in transition, from what I just described to something more polished. But very multicultural. A good example is a building courtyard with a new glass roof beneath which is an Asian Street Food food court arrangement. All mom and pop and the few I tried were good. Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese. Japanese. Maybe not on your first trip to Budapest but certainly second or third.

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You could make a nice day out starting at Keleti with a visit to 2 small museums and a stop along the way at Rózsák tere with a pretty little church:

Roth Museum - a selection of Miksa Róth's mosaic and glass art, as well as the master's glass art collection. (Caution, closed during winter months, check opening hours.)
- 500m from Keleti Station

House of Hungarian Art Nouveau @ György Ráth Villa - a beautifully decorated museum house with high-end Art Nouveau furnishings, art, collectibles and period clothing reflective of the wealth of the former owners. Lalique fans: don't miss the beautiful glass pendant, trying to go unnoticed in one of the display cases
- another 850m from the Roth Museum, headed back toward Andrassy.

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Street Food Karavan. On Facebook but no website. Kazinczy u. 18. It was a simple passageway with various stops we would call food trucks (that don’t move) and places to sit after you finally decide and buy! And if you are in the mood for soup instead, just go next door to Bors GasztroBár (no seats but amazing soups and more).

And I second the Ráth György-villa. It is small but so much visual eye-candy that I would go again.

On my list for next time:: Várkert Bazár, just to see it. “Renovated 19th century neo-Renaissance complex of e exhibition halls, theaters, gardens, and restaurants.”

And Christy’s find: Faust Wine Cellar

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There is a large cemetery by Keleti that I am hoping to see during my April trip this year. I am thinking it might be the Budapest version of Père-Lachaise.