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New Budapest Connections on Ryanair

Ryanair beginning in November

Budapest to Lviv. Excellent combination!

Kiev will get five flights a week from London Stansted, Ryanair’s
biggest base, together with three each from Stockholm, Manchester in
northern England and Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Lviv will have
three weekly services from the Polish cities of Krakow and Wroclaw and
two apiece from Stansted, Eindhoven, Berlin, Budapest and Memmingen,
80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Munich.

The push into new markets is increasing Ryanair’s overlap with the
network of Wizz, eastern Europe’s largest discount operator, though
the Budapest-based company closed a separate Ukrainian unit and
canceled many flights there amid a 2015 recession linked to military
conflict in the east of the country.

Wizz currently serves about 20 destinations from Kiev, including
London, seven German cities and six in Poland, plus two from Lviv,
according to its website.

(Wizz also has daily flights from Budapest to Kiev)

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