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New Budapest Airport shuttle bus - starting July 8, 2017

Starting July 8, 2017 Budapest transit authority introduced direct shuttle bus between the airport and city center.

Bus line 100E will enter passenger service on 8 July 2017 between Liszt Ferenc International Airport and Deák Ferenc tér in the city centre. A special fare applies: the “Airport shuttle bus single ticket” for the price of 900 Hungarian Forints is required for each trip. More details at

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Thanks for pointing this out to us, Irena!

I wonder how this price of 900 forints compares to the typical taxi fare,
and how much time it takes compared to the newly old way of taking the metro and local bus.

Anyone know the details?

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I've no idea about the standard taxi fare as we always take public transit (James, you out there?), but we've gone back and forth from the airport by Route 200 bus and the Metro 6 times now. It appears that the new bus will cut maybe 5 minutes off, essentially the short wait between bus and metro, while the price of 900 forints is almost twice the discounted 530 forint cost of the transfer ticket that allows the connected bus and metro ride. Plus, if you have to get anywhere from Deak Ter by Metro, that will cost and additional fare, as opposed to the free transfer.

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Huge savings. 900 ft is about $3.50. Taxi will cost about 7.000 or about $26.50 to the same point in town. But compare that to the more than 50 euro it costs in most major capitals to get from the airport to the city center. The only negatives i can think of are issues with luggage (is this a standard bus or will they have a luggage rack?) and the fact that from Deak Ferenc ter you will have to find a way to where ever you are staying. Figure another $1.50 for a metro or bus ticket. I will keep taking a taxi, but only because i like the service and i like the door to door aspect of the taxi. We generally use the time to talk to the driver and find out what has been going on in town (mostly politics). But this like most every aspect of Budapest is one of the worlds great bargains. Who would imagine that such an incredible destination could be so friendly, socially and on the wallet as well.

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Here is the more detailed info about the new service. Not sure about the type of a bus, but really glad to get this direct cheaper option, especially for jetlagged solo travelers :) Note that it also stops on Kalvin ter and Astoria metro stops.

Shuttle bus 100E will enter daily passenger service on Saturday, 8 July 2017 on a route between Deák Ferenc tér in the city centre and the airport, with a frequency of 30 minutes. The first daily bus departure from the city centre is at 4:00 in the morning to take passengers wishing to reach the first flights of the day, while the last bus departing from the airport is at 00:30 at night.

On the way to the airport, the shuttle will pick up passengers at Kálvin tér, whereas the first two departures in the early morning will also serve Astoria M metro station. Coming from the airport to the city, the bus will drop off passengers at Kálvin tér and Astoria as well before reaching the terminus at Deák Ferenc tér.

The service will be provided by VT-Arriva Kft, operating low-floor, air-conditioned Mercedes Conecto G type buses.

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It’s a way, that’s for sure. Some observations.

The bus in question is a top of the line articulated bus. If it has a storage rack for luggage I have no idea. If it doesn’t it could be a bit awkward.

There are a number of 6am flights out of Budapest. I know as I get stuck on at least two a year. A bus leaving Deak Fernec ter at 4 am that makes two stops along the way isn’t going to get me to the airport when I want to be there if I am carrying luggage. When I have luggage, with a door to door taxi, I leave the town center at about 3:45. Yes, its overly conservative, but that’s just me. I get checked in, drop the bags and then relax over breakfast. Check in at BUD can be a mess. With carryon only and boarding passes in hand the bus would be “okay”.

On arrival if your timing isn’t perfect figure at least an hour to Deak Ferenc ter then 20 minutes to most tourist hotels. A taxi will cost a bunch more but its 35 minutes door to door on average.

Not saying its good or bad or recommend it or not recommend it. It is just what it is at an incredibly low price.

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Found part of the answer. Important part in bold: Bus line 100E fares

Only the 900 HUF “Airport shuttle bus single ticket” is accepted or travel, no other types of tickets or passes are valid.
Adults 65+ and children under 6 years of age travel for free.
The Airport shuttle bus single ticket is available at all BKK customer service centres, ticket offices and ticket vending machines.
Further information

The front-door boarding only policy applies on this service: please validate your ticket with the machine right after boarding and show it to the driver.
Uniquely designed, low-floor, air-conditioned articulated buses with a spacious luggage area operate on the route.

Tell me another major capital city in Europe where you can get from the airport to the town center for $3.50!!

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Does this mean all transportation in Budapest if you are over 65 is free??

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That's the impression that was given. I believe that, no matter what someone may have been told, that the free over 65 applies as follows:

Citizens of Hungary or other EU, EEA Member States or Switzerland, aged 65+

Foreign citizens aged 65+ who get retirement pension from the Hungarian Pension

Foreign citizens with Hungarian nationality aged 65+ and their relatives aged 65+ on the basis of Act LXII/2001 (on Hungarians Living in Neighbouring Countries)

Foreign citizens aged 65+ settled in Hungary on the basis of a special iternational agreement;

Refugees 65+, persons settled in Hungary and persons who have the freedom of movement and residence not based on citizenship

To be honest, the metro is so incredibly cheap I don't see how its much of an issue. A week pass is about $20. How do you beat that? Of course if you do get checked and I am correct the fine is about $30 on the spot.

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Can anyone confirm what the typical taxi fare SHOULD be (without getting ripped off) from the airport to the central Jewish quarter (close to ruin pubs)? I realize it varies, but shouldn't vary a whole lot unless someone is trying to scam you. My husband and I will be in Budapest starting September 14th.

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To begin with, you are not going to get ripped off. From the airport the company with the license is FoTaxi. They have a kiosk on the sidewalk directly outside the arrivals hall. Stop for no one else, and head to the kiosk. Give them your address and they will give you a slip of paper with the most that you can be charged printed on it. Then you walk over to the taxi line (30 feet or so) and someone will ensure you get in the right taxi and help with the luggage. Then you hand the slip of paper to the driver, he confirms he has the right person in the cab (he already knows where to go as that was sent to him by the kiosk), and off you go.

The short answer, between 7.000 and 8.000 forints. Probably closer to 7.000 but it depends on traffic, etc.

If you need a taxi after that, then call City Taxi at +36 1 211 1111. Don't hail taxis as they can charge you more if you do. Any legit taxi will be yellow and have a light on top. They are heavily regulated and the rates are fixed by the government.