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Mini-Bud Van travel from Airport to city

We arrived Th night quite late, in the driving rainstorm which might have contributed to the terrible boat accident on the Danube. We could have taken the bus, but the metro was closed. We signed up for the mini-bud van trip in.

The van trip was fine. What was NOT FINE was the wait. We waited at least one hour to get on a van. Once on, the trip was quick. But it was exceedingly annoying that there were 50-60 people waiting, and UNOCCUPIED VANS WERE SITTING ON THE PARKING.

So, it's convenient, it's quick, but if you come late and there are a lot of tourists on your plane, you may have an extended wait.

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About $8 cheaper each way! And it may work great for most if you font mind the possibility of an hour wait and an extra 30 to 60 minute drive time if your hotel is the last stop. Me? I just like to get home.